A rising star shares a brutal confession: "I'll never reach Roger Federer's level"


A rising star shares a brutal confession: "I'll never reach Roger Federer's level"
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The dream of many tennis players is to emulate their idols, one of which is and always will be the legendary Roger Federer. The young Slovakian rising star Renata Jamrichova has just won the women's singles at the Australian Open Junior, but the 16-year-old shared with brutal honesty how she is unlikely to reach the level of the Swiss Maestro.

The young seed number 1 confirmed all the expectations, conceding just one set during the Melbourne Slam, beating the Australian Emerson Jones in the final.

Renata Jamrichova and Emerson Jones
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At the press conference, the Slovakian told the emotions she experienced during the match after the title won, sharing her happiness and taking stock of the situation on her current level of play, broadening the horizon to the margins of improvement.

"I'm very happy, I still can't believe it. The truth is that I played the best I could all week. I admit that in the final I started very nervous because of the crowd but then I told myself to be happy on the court and enjoy every point. The only thing I wanted was to be happy to be here playing an incredible match, neither of us had played in a Grand Slam final, so it was a new experience for both of us," explained Jamrichova.

"My dream was to play at the same level as Federer, even though I know I will never get to that level"

During the press conference you revealed who your tennis idol is: Federer. The young Renata said how it will be really difficult to reach Roger's level.

"I remember watching Federer play here, I remember seeing him at the Australian Open so many times. My dream was to get there one day, to play at the same level as him, even though I know I will never get to that level. But for now I'm happy to have played on the same court where he played, it's already something great," she said.

Roger Federer
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For the current year, Jamrichova will not compete on the WTA circuit but will continue to play in ITF tournaments, to prepare in the best possible way for the leap in level that awaits her in the coming years.

"This season I will compete in the Grand Slam. I don't know if I will play the US Open yet, but I want to play at the Roland Garros and Wimbledon. Besides that, I will also compete in some ITF events," she explained.

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