Friendship or rivalry: Berrettini reveals his real relationship with Sinner

The finalist of Wimbledon spoke of great esteem and praise for the young winner of the Australian Open

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Friendship or rivalry: Berrettini reveals his real relationship with Sinner
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With Jannik Sinner, Italy and tennis have found a great champion, loved by the crowd and also by his colleagues. But it should not be forgotten that, despite the many problems it is experiencing, Italy still has another great champion who must rediscover himself and his tennis, Matteo Berrettini.

Sinner never missed the opportunity to thank Berrettini for the constant support shown during the Davis Cup. Although he was unable to take the field due to injuries, the former Wimbledon finalist joined his national team teammates both in Bologna for the group stage and in Malaga.

In Spain, Berrettini experienced the three matches against Holland, Serbia and Australia with great enthusiasm and celebrated the feat achieved by the Azzurri.

"Jannik He worked a miracle"

Berrettini also attended the meeting at the Quirinale, where the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella welcomed the Davis Cup heroes to pay homage to the historic victory.

Jannik Sinner
Jannik Sinner© Julian Finney / Staff Getty Images Sport

Speaking with Sky Sport, Berrettini renewed his compliments to the boys and dedicated a special thought to Sinner.

"The boys deserved it, I enjoyed a great moment of tennis. Sinner performed a miracle, I will use this energy for my tennis too. I was pleased with what Jannik said, we have a good relationship that has strengthened in recent months. We are different but similar, we chase the same dream. I'm better, not 100% yet. Soon we will understand where to return.

The goal is to play for a long time and not keep stopping, this thing destroys my body and physique. It's stimulating to have a new coach, I'm working hard and I have good feelings for the future.

Unfortunately we haven't played yet, but I'm happy. Sinner brought a Slam, but the renaissance of tennis had started again with Fabio Fognini and Marco Cecchinato. It's a rare moment for tennis, but also for other sports," he said.

Berrettini, struggling with a foot problem, has not yet established when he will return to the field and which tournament to play for his restart. In the last few hours there had been talk of a possible wild card in Marseille, but evidently the Italian is not ready from a physical point of view and does not want to rush things.

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