Sinner on the far-sighted split with Piatti: "I made a choice that seemed crazy"

The young Italian expressed on the end of his partnership with his historic coach Riccardo Piatti

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Sinner on the far-sighted split with Piatti: "I made a choice that seemed crazy"
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The advent of Simone Vagnozzi and Darren Cahill brought Jannik Sinner all the knowledge necessary to take the step that led him to win his first Major. Even before the Australian Open 2024, however, we had seen the incredible progress of the young Italian, shown from the 2023 Wimbledon semi-final to today.

Jannik Sinner
Jannik Sinner© Julian Finney / Staff Getty Images Sport

Sinner, during the press conference in the new Italian Tennis Federation headquarters in Rome, talked about many topics and, among these, the Italian player expressed himself on the courageous decision to separate two years ago from the historic coach Riccardo Piatti and undertake a new collaboration with the current coach Simone Vagnozzi, then further strengthened with the entry into the team of the Australian expert Darren Cahill.

"Perhaps remaining in the previous situation I would have become even stronger"

"The life I am living is made up of situations. There are moments in which things go good or bad. Others in which they go well but there is always a but. I made a choice that seemed crazy at first, but I wanted to meet someone else work method.

I didn't know it would be the right move, perhaps remaining in the previous situation - referring to Riccardo Piatti, ed. - I would have become even stronger. I have to be good at understanding my team, but I make the choices.

It is important to understand what you are looking for and what you want in life. What I've realized is that I don't want the best team, but the one made up of good people who work together. Vagnozzi and Cahill? The most important thing is how the two of them work together.

No one invades the other's space, and that makes the difference. Simone is good both tactically and technically. Darren has taken many tennis players to the top in both the men's and women's circuits. He knows how to handle pressure. They divide the tasks well," explained the young Italian, who has no intention of enjoying the success of the Australian Open too much, having already projected himself towards the next match in Europe, precisely on the indoor hard court in Rotterdam, in mid-February.

Riccardo Piatti