Lindsey Vonn shares a final praise to Jannik Sinner: "He reminds me Roger Federer"

The beautiful American skier drew a parallel between the young Italian and the legendary Swiss Maestro

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Lindsey Vonn shares a final praise to Jannik Sinner: "He reminds me Roger Federer"
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The victory at the Australian Open 2024 opened a world of comparisons between Jannik Sinner and many of his legendary former colleagues. One of them is Roger Federer. Media, insiders and fans are having fun comparing the young Italian champion to the Swiss Maestro. Not stylistically, but from many other points of view.

The Legendary American skier Lindsey Vonn is the latest to have compared Jannik and Roger.

Jannik Sinner
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The beautiful and very strong Lindsey, in a recent interview, talked about the young Italian and their bond born from the love of skiing. Vonn praised Jannik's shy personality, explaining her admiration for the young tennis player.

"Jannik is just a great athlete, very smart and I'm not surprised he won Australia. I thought he would have won before him, but he's someone who's going to be around for a long time. And he really reminds me of Roger, to be honest.

He's a pretty shy guy, but he's really humble and always super nice. I think he just has a great perspective on I think to some extent this sport comes from skiing. We've talked about it quite a few times. I always thought it was really special. that he was a former skier and that's obviously where we bonded," she told

Roger Federer
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Paolo Bertolucci also found a connection between Sinner and Federer

Former Italian tennis player Paolo Bertolucci expressed his point of view on the rivalry between Jannik Sinner and Carlos Alcaraz, drawing a parallel between Roger Federer's rivalry with Rafael Nadal.

"Carlos and Jannik are very close, I would say truly friends, polite and simple in a historical moment that sees these qualities lost among young people but which for this very reason makes them rise in the hit parade of high approval among the fans. Alcaraz's game is more complete, while Sinner's is more concrete.

The Spaniard is driven to win the point by seeking applause from the crowd, while the Italian wants to win the match. His growth in the last 5 months has been exponential, as a Sinner boy he became a man.

Alcaraz, on the other hand, is still a teenager, as can be seen from the results of the last year, with many ups and downs that suggest an adjustment phase after the two Slam wins and the number 1 position in the rankings. Both can revive the most beautiful rivalry, that between Federer and Nadal which for two decades gave great impetus and popularity to tennis.

There is empathy between the two, they play to outdo each other but with great respect towards each other. And, like the great Roger and Rafa, they have all the characteristics to take their challenge very far forward in time," he explained.

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