Arthur Cazaux shares with brutal honesty: "I'm not as precocious as Carlos Alcaraz"

the Frenchman talked about his latest results and his future goals

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Arthur Cazaux shares with brutal honesty: "I'm not as precocious as Carlos Alcaraz"
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The young French tennis player Arthur Cazaux was one of the happiest surprises at the Australian Open. The boy reached the round of 16, eliminating Holger Rune in the second round, showing interesting tennis.

After the Melbourne Major, Cazaux, now a new ATP No.83l, played the ATP tournament in Montpellier, only surrendering in the third set tiebreak in the second round against Felix Auger-Aliassime.

At the press conference, Cazaux talked about his latest positive results and future goals.

"It's a great feeling. It's true that when I returned to France I received many requests, both from Paris and Montpellier. It's all new to me, I'm not used to all this and I felt a little tired. But it's still a good sign, even if everyone is a little emotional. It's only 83° and there's still a long way to go. This makes me laugh a little," said the young Frenchman.

Arthur Cazaux
Arthur Cazaux© Morgan Hancock / Stringer Getty Images Sport

Cazaux received a great welcome in Montpellier, his hometown, sharing his emotion with the media. "Yes, it's a great emotion, even more so this year, I know there is a lot of interest in my city. This weekend I was invited to several events again. I knew that the public would come in large numbers and that there would be many athletes in the club. I'm happy to have played a good first match here, in front of my friends and family," he explained.

"I'm not as precocious as Rune or Alcaraz"

The Frenchman, like Jannik Sinner, also has fans who supported him in his Australian journey.

"In Australia they helped me so much in my first round that I wanted to have them at every match and I gave them tickets. Here they came alone and only received a login credential from the organization. Frankly, it's nice to see them again. I put them in touch with my friends and there's a great vibe," said Cazaux.

The Frenchman then compared his growth path with that of Holger Rune and Carlos Alcaraz.

"When we were juniors, Rune was a year younger, so I knew he was very precocious. He wasn't surprised by his promotion, because he is a hard worker and has always had an easy life. I'm not as precocious as him or Alcaraz, but I have my own path and I progress at my own pace. I've had a lot of injuries that have slowed me down a lot, but that hasn't stopped me from believing in it. I'm going at my own pace and we'll see where he takes me," said the French player.

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