Maria Sharapova shares a huge praise for Coco Gauff and Mirra Andreeva

The Russian icon expressed on the young star of the WTA Tour

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Maria Sharapova shares a huge praise for Coco Gauff and Mirra Andreeva
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Becoming a tennis icon like Maria Sharapova or Serena Williams is really difficult for a young tennis player. Becoming an icon means going beyond sporting results. It means influencing the crowds, catalyzing the media, attracting sponsors who bring in millions of dollars.

The Russian and the American did it. Even a tennis player of this generation, Coco Gauff, can do it. Sharapova, who will participate in the second edition of the Pickleball Slam with John McEnroe to face Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf, praised the young American star, but also her very young countrywoman Mirra Andreeva.

"We're seeing a lot more consistency in the women's game and that's been really refreshing. I've enjoyed watching a new generation rise to the occasion. I was very impressed with how Coco handled the US Open win in New York last year.

Also , it's great to see the rise of new names and opportunities for athletes like Mirra Andreeva," explained Sharapova to Forbes.

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Andreeva expressed on Sharapova

In Russia, many fans and experts have inevitably compared Andreeva's path to that of Sharapova, capable of winning her first career Slam at the age of 17 in 2004, beating none other than Serena Williams in the Wimbledon final.

A comparison, however, that Andreeva doesn't entirely like. "I would like to ask Maria what feelings she felt when she won her first Grand Slam tournament at 17 years old at Wimbledon. Then I would like to know other things, but the first thing would be to know what she felt after winning Wimbledon in 2004.

People might think that I am following her path and doing her own thing, but personally I don't care on this. I have my career and my life. I will do my best to have a great career. The relationship with the fans? Sometimes it's a little uncomfortable.

Many people ask me for a photo after matches. I don't want to say no because they support me and encourage me. I can't say no and leave, but it's true that I can't spend too much time with them because I need to rest and do my things," explained the very young Mirra.

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