Patrick Mouratoglou analyzes Jannik Sinner's triumph at the Australian Open

The French coach declared that he was not surprised by the young Italian's victory in Melbourne

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Patrick Mouratoglou analyzes Jannik Sinner's triumph at the Australian Open
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Clutch moments and super skills. It was this combination of factors that allowed Jannik Sinner to triumph at the Australian Open 2024. A triumph analyzed by Patrick Mouratoglou, a French coach who, during his career, coached Serena Williams and Simona Halep.

Mouratoglou first analyzed the final part of last season, when the Italian managed to beat Novak Djokovic and Daniil Medvedev for the first time.

Jannik Sinner
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The victory against the Serbian champion in the Davis Cup would have played an important role in Sinner's mind, according to the French coach. On that occasion, the 22-year-old Italian canceled three consecutive match points and overturned a match that now seemed to be taking a different path.

Mouratoglou analyzed Sinner's win in Melbourne

Sinner then had the merit of expressing his best level even in situations of high pressure.

"What impressed me about Sinner is his ability to play the match we all expected. Djokovic wasn't there, but Sinner played the match he had to play. Even in his first Slam final he was able to offer the same performance and express his level until the end. He could have stopped at the end, but he didn't. It's not a surprise to me,"

Mouratoglou said in the video posted on his Instagram account.

"The quality of tennis that he was expressing in the final part of 2023; the two victories against Novak, the second in the Davis Cup was really important. All these things played a big role in the ability to win the first Grand Slam tournament.

It was clear that he was getting closer and closer: in the end everything aligned. It was constant and the quality of the tennis delivered was very high. The only question was: Will he be able to do it in a Slam final? And he responded in the best way possible," he explained.

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