Gasquet stunned by Djokovic: "There has never been anything in sport like Nole"

The Frenchman analyzed the state of his career, making a comparison with what the Serbian is achieving at almost 37 years old

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Gasquet stunned by Djokovic: "There has never been anything in sport like Nole"
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After losing in the first round in the Montpellier tournament, Richard Gasquet, ATP No. 131, gave an interview to l'Equipe, speaking about the awareness that his body can no longer assist him as it did when he was young.

The Frenchman made a comparison with Novak Djokovic, who at his age still seems to be at full strength.

"My body is destined to get worse. Apart from Djokovic, who wins the Slams at almost 37 years old. Has there ever been anything similar in sport, apart from perhaps Michael Jordan? Lionel Messi plays in Miami, the others in Saudi Arabia , but Nole is the world number 1. I can't understand why someone like Djokovic is so strong at that age," said Gasquet.

"At 37-38, you're usually not as good as you were at 25. I know that well. I never thought I'd be playing at 38. It was unimaginable," explained the Frenchman.

Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic© Daniel Pockett / Stringer Getty Images Sport

Gasquet towards the end of his professional career

Gasquet then explained how his current physical condition makes the task of taking to the court difficult.

"You can't suffer that much on the pitch. This is what will make me stop: physical pain. If I feel like I can't win a match anymore, if I feel pain, if I can't bear it anymore, if I can't make the effort... It's a little more difficult than last year.

In 2024 I have not achieved good results so far. When you're French, either the French Open or Bercy. As did Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Gilles Simon. I'm thinking about it a little, but not too much," he told.

Time passes for everyone, or almost everyone. Even for a champion like Gasquet. The French tennis player, after a long career that lasted until the age of 37, is seriously thinking about when he will stop playing tennis.