Kyrgios reveals what happens in the locker rooms between tennis players!


Kyrgios reveals what happens in the locker rooms between tennis players!
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Nick Kyrgios revealed the background of a tennis player's life on the program Good Trouble with Gordon Ramsey. The Australian is still struggling with knee problems and in 2023 he played only one official match at the ATP 250 tournament in Stuttgart.

Tennis, like other individual disciplines, represents a sort of unicum in the sporting panorama. Tennis players do not share the locker room with their teammates but with their opponents, a peculiarity for a sport. Before taking to the court, it is not difficult for two players to warm up in the same area or eat at two nearby tables.

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"The interesting thing is that everyone thinks that tennis is an individual sport. But in the end you shower with everyone else, everyone showers in the same place, eats in the same place.

So we meet a few minutes before entering the court, and it's the most incredible thing about this sport. Usually the changing rooms are separated, you don't see the opponent all day. For example, at the US Open, Daniil Medvedev and I are about to take the court, we are together in the same locker room, we watch the end of the previous matches, and we are preparing together.

And then we take to the court. At the end of the match we went straight back to the locker room, changed, took a shower and were the only two people in the locker room. It's not the same environment as a team sport, but you feel like you share the same thing.

I just played in front of millions of people against this person for hundreds of thousands of dollars and now I'm showering next to him. It's difficult to find a balance," explained Kyrgios.

Kyrgios praises Jannik Sinner

Commenting on Jannik Sinner's victory at the Australian Open 2024 live on Eurosport, Kyrgios shares a very beautiful praise to the young Italian champion.

"Looking at the matches he played against Djokovic in Turin and in the Davis Cup in the final part of 2023, it was clear that he would be knocking on the door. I noticed his improvements on serve, but above all the maturity he achieved at such a young age.

I'm happy to have witnessed his success. At the beginning of the year I said that we would have a new Slam champion. This is a big step for him, but I think we will see him win many more Majors in the coming years. He will be unstoppable.

What impresses me most is that he shows incredible maturity, he has just won the most important title of his life and in his speech he was very humble. He's a really nice guy, you can tell he wants to keep winning. He's not satisfied and I think he'll be up there for a long time," told Nick.