Tim Henman crowns Novak Djokovic: "He remains the man to beat"

The Briton still sees the Serbian as the strongest, despite losing in the semi-final at the Australian Open

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Tim Henman crowns Novak Djokovic: "He remains the man to beat"
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The former British tennis player Tim Henman, in a recent interview with Sky Sports News, explained the reasons why Novak Djokovic is still the man to beat in 2024, despite his elimination in the semi-finals of the Australian Open.

Jannik Sinner and Carlos Alcaraz, despite being extremely competitive, will still have to deal with the 24-time Slam champion, starting from the next events they will play. "If Alcaraz and Sinner don't get injured, they will often face each other in the most important and best tournaments.

Having these new rivals at such a young age and with so many opportunities is extremely exciting. However, for me Djokovic remains the player to beat. Last year he won three of the four major tournaments. By his own admission, he didn't play well in the semi-final in Melbourne, but he is still the man to beat," analyzed the Briton

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The recent victory at the Australian Open has allowed Jannik Sinner to gain great consideration for the rest of the season.

The Italian, who experienced a great season finale in 2023, started 2024 as well as he could. However, in the remaining part of the season he will have to deal with Novak Djokovic and Carlos Alcaraz.

Not just ATP Tour: Henman shares a big praise for Qinwen Zheng

Speaking of women's tennis, in recent days Henman has identified the young Chinese Qinwen Zheng as a potential star of the future.

"I think she will improve a lot. You hear her coach talk about how much she works, she gets up at 7 in the morning, she never complains, she trains at any time. She has played incredible tennis and this is a huge progress for her.

I'm sure that It would have been painful to have to retire in the final. I think with her work ethic, her mentality and her game, there are many areas where she can improve. The service for example. She now has the motivation to reach the final and win: so, I'm sure she will continue to work hard.

If she is this good, with all the improvements she can make, I am convinced that she will win Grand Slams in the future," he explained.

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