Maria Sharapova reveals her diet: "20% cheat meals and the health food"

The beautiful and strong former russian player talked about training e food

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Maria Sharapova reveals her diet: "20% cheat meals and the health food"
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Maria Sharapova has made history in recent women's tennis, both for her successes on the court and for her iconicity off the court. The Russian was WTA No.1, she won 36 titles and 5 Slams. She decided to play at a very young age, ending her career in 2020, at 33 years old.

Now Maria is happily married and also has a son. Speaking on the Armchair Expert podcast with journalist Dax Shepard, Maria revealed some details about her private life. "When I came to America my mother never came to visit me for the first two years and it was hard.

Sometimes I think about it, I have a 16 month old baby and I can't imagine this type of separation. Everything was different at that time and getting a visa was very complicated. But she always thought of the great gift I had had.

At the time, I didn't have a cell phone, she didn't have a cell phone, and I only wrote physical letters to my mother. And that didn't make things easy, I just had the certainty that sooner or later I would see her again."

Maria Sharapova reveals her diet

But private life is not just family, but also curiosities, such as the diet and training that are behind a champion.

The beautiful and very strong Russian tennis player revealed how she tries to balance her diet to stay in perfect physical shape, even after retiring from tennis, now 4 years away. Sharapova retired from tennis in 2020 but recently played at Pickleball Slam 2.

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In a recent interview with Vogue, Sharapova revealed how balancing her diet isn't easy, considering her love of sweets. "I love sweets, so it's not always an easy ration to keep up with!

Attention to diet is important but also challenging, especially when I'm traveling. 80% of the time I try to eat clean and 20% of the time I love light meals," she told. Sharapova also explained how she dedicates at least an hour a day to training and taking care of her body.

And she does this routine 6 days out of 7. "I don't train at the levels I used to, but I'm pretty diligent about being consistent, even if I only have 30 minutes in a hotel room. I try to put in at least an hour a day, five or six days a week, to my body.

To be honest, I like the variety I have in my workouts now. It was much stricter when I was training as a professional athlete. But consistency is what I've stuck to," Maria analyzed.

Maria Sharapova