Tiriac warns Sinner about easy profits: "He must not be tempted"

The former Romanian tennis player gave his advice to the young Italian

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Tiriac warns Sinner about easy profits: "He must not be tempted"
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The former Romanian tennis player Ion Tiriac has warned the young Jannik Sinner not to get too tempted by easy earnings, which could divert him from his path.  Tiriac warned the Italian and reiterated the importance of correct planning, during an interview with the newspaper Il Messaggero.

"For me, Sinner should be sold dearly to a few companies. Let's say, a maximum of five. Because otherwise how can it give them satisfaction? Today 70% of earnings come from extras, not from bonuses. Also for this reason one of the fundamental points is the management of the star.

Priority to the Slams, of course, which will soon be at least five with Indian Wells, because if a tournament offers $100 million in prizes, why does it still have to be an ATP Masters 1000? Today I say that a mega tennis star earns too much, but it's the usual supply and demand argument. And the exclusivity of the character," explained Tiriac.

"When he was with Riccardo Piatti and they came to me asking for advice, I immediately noticed his human qualities. He was available, humble, listened and was ready to get things done. Not only. An Italian, today, changes the face of world tennis.

Because you have a great sporting tradition, a past and you know well how to affirm and enhance a sport. He must not be enticed by easy earnings, a super-paid performance and must manage the calendar as best as possible. Today, Sinner is worth $50 million a year. He can easily get to $100 million," he told.

Jannik Sinner
Jannik Sinner© Kelly Defina / Stringer Getty Images Sport

Sinner's commercial value is becomimg so hight

The victory at the Australian Open gave even more popularity to a player already able to gather support both in Italy and in the rest of the world. Jannik Sinner enjoyed an exceptional final part of the season in 2023 and confirmed that he is now one of the best tennis players on the Tour, winning his first career Slam in Melbourne.

In addition to its sporting value, the Italian has seen its appeal increase towards large companies and the most important sponsors. A factor that somehow guaranteed him the invitation to the rich exhibition called 6 Kings Slam and organized in Saudi Arabia. A performance that will see on the court, in addition to Sinner, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Carlos Alcaraz, Daniil Medvedev and Holger Rune.