Ferrero to Alcaraz: "We have to train like animals to reach Djokovic's level"

The coach of the young Spanish star analyzed the level of the Serbian champion, compared to that of Alcaraz himself and Jannik Sinner

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Ferrero to Alcaraz: "We have to train like animals to reach Djokovic's level"
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Juan Carlos Ferrero analyzed Novak Djokovic's glorious career, arguing that it is impossible to place the Serbian star in just one of the generations that have dominated (and are dominating) tennis in recent years.

"Novak Djokovic is close to my generation and the current one. In both. Novak has adapted just like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal did. The world continues to move non-stop and people have to adapt. I have great admiration and respect for him. When you spend time with him you notice his desire, the reason why he is in perfect shape to continue competing, the way he takes care of himself and trains, that motivation he still shows," said Carlos Alcaraz's coach in an interview with La Nacion.

It is therefore no coincidence that Djokovic was one of the examples that the Spanish coach always wanted to pass on to Alcaraz. The Serbian champion has adapted his tennis to the evolution of the game, taking care of the details with obsessive attention over the years.

To the improvements made from a tennis point of view, Djokovic has always combined an in-depth study of his body and the routine to follow to perform at his best in the most important tournaments on the Tour.

Novak Djokovic
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Ferrero analyzed Djokovic to give examples to Alcaraz

"I like to analyze players to give examples to Carlos: Novak, obviously, has always been part of this group. I didn't have to show him too many things about Rafa, because he always paid a lot of attention to him. Roger, Novak and Rafa they've always pushed each other. Now Nole is the one pushing Carlos and Jannik Sinner to the limit," told Ferrero.

Finally, the Spanish coach told a curious anecdote linked to the victory obtained by Djokovic at the Nitto ATP Finals last year, when he beat Alcaraz and Sinner in the semi-final and final respectively.

"When Novak won the Finals expressing that level, I said to Carlos: Have you seen? Now what we have to do is train like animals to reach his level. Jannik will do it too, so we have to do it at our best. In other words, Djokovic represents motivation," he analyzed.

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