Earthquake in Holger Rune's team: a top member will no longer follow him

Aneke, the Dane's mother, will no longer follow the young tennis player in his Tour adventure

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Earthquake in Holger Rune's team: a top member will no longer follow him
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In the last few weeks there has been an earthquake in the Holger Rune's team. Aneke, the boy's mother, a constant presence in the travels of the 20-year-old Dane, did not follow her son either to Oslo or Rotterdam. However, in the press conference Rune cleared away every cloud on the issue, explaining the reasons for this absence.

The young Danish tennis player declared that from now on his mother will not follow him to every tournament.

"It's a bit of a coincidence. She will be in some tournaments and not in others. We often talk on the phone and talk before and after the matches. She's an important part of my team and I love having her by my side," commented Rune.

For the Scandinavian tennis player, Aneke represents a fundamental figure.

"I feel her absence 100%. Of course, it's a different thing. But once again, it's obviously different, but I think that for some tournaments it's healthy that they take place together and for others it's not, like with Lapo, the physical trainer, which wasn't even there this week. So that's it," said the world No. 7.

Rune finally concluded: "It was a mutual decision: I only attended the UTS in Oslo and Rotterdam, then I will fly to Nice or Denmark and we will update."

Holger Rune's crisis

This start of the season is a rather complicated period for Holger Rune, probably the most difficult of his short career. After ending 2023 in an unconvincing manner, the new year for the former world number four began with a series of rather disappointing results.

First the final lost against Grigor Dimitrov in Brisbane, then the premature elimination in the second round of the Australians Open against Arthur Cazaux, followed by equally surprising setbacks in Montpellier and Rotterdam against Borna Coric and Alexander Schevchenko.

Holger Rune
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The Danish tennis player has been relegated to seventh position in the ranking, and in all his outings he has shown a form that is anything but comforting, conditioned by some physical problems. All combined with the quick separation with his new coach Severin Luthi, who had replaced Patrick Mouratoglou, with whom the relationship ended after just 41 days.

Holger Rune