Kim Clijsters rips Patrick Mouratoglou: "He manipulated Simona Halep"

The former Belgian tennis legend believe the Franch coach is the main reason for Simona's doping ban

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Kim Clijsters rips Patrick Mouratoglou: "He manipulated Simona Halep"
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While awaiting a final ruling on the doping ban received by Simona Halep, the former WTA star Kim Clijsters harshly attacked Patrick Mouratoglou, the Romanian's former coach. The former No.1 and 4 times Slam champion considers the Frenchman the main person responsible for the situation Simona now finds herself in.

"For me the biggest red flag is the team. I can't believe there are no consequences for the team, but only for the athlete. It was her team that suggested taking that supplement, taking it without any hesitation. You should trust your team, you should trust the people around you. You think they're going to do the right thing, that they're doing the right thing.

And this is what ends up happening to them. For me it's a case of manipulation. A situation, especially in the case of a woman, in which coaches take responsibility. It's manipulation, I can't find another word for it, for them to take control of everything that happens around an athlete," the former Belgian legend said on Andy Roddick's podcast.

The nightmare which Simona Halep is living

"The nightmare I lived for a year and a half is over. I can tell you that this hearing gave me the opportunity to present my defense. My confidence is intact, it will be proven that I never intended to dope. I truly believe that the truth will come out and that the day of my return to the field will come soon."

With these words, Simona Halep has returned to talk about what should be the final ruling of the CAS on her temporary disqualification from the playing court.

The Romanian tennis player tried in every way to assert her rights, explaining during the trial that she had taken a prohibited substance unconsciously and involuntarily, and is now waiting to understand the final decision on the matter.

Simona Halep and Patrick Mouratoglou
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