Coco Gauff praises the efforts of Venus and Serena Williams in sports culture

The young American star also praised Michael Jordan and LeBron James, for the same reason

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Coco Gauff praises the efforts of Venus and Serena Williams in sports culture
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The importance that Coco Gauff has in stories of social equality is worth as much as her young and glorious tennis career. In the Coco's Culture Corner of the WTA Insider Podcast, in honor of Black History Month, Gauff praised Venus and Serena Williams, Michael Jordan and LeBron James for the importance and impact they have had on black sports.

"If you just look at the stories of individual athletes like LeBron James, Michael Jordan, even Serena and Venus, their lives and how they were able to create something great out of nothing. It's pretty inspiring.

I think sports is the key to success, because virtually all cultures and all countries participate in sports. So if you look, not just at black athletes but just athletes in general, you see so many stories. 

You see so many athletes changing, stopping generational trauma and finding a way out through sports. It's a really important thing in our culture, sports. It's been an escape for so many people in urban communities and communities poor to escape the circumstances they were given," said the young US tennis star.

Coco Gauff
Coco Gauff© Francois Nel / Staff Getty Images Sport

Coco Gauff, the comparison with Serena Williams and social commitments

Coco also gave an interesting interview to The National, in which she discussed many topics, one above all the comparison with Serena Williams, the one she considers a tennis idol.

"We know, there will only be one greatest player of all time and I honestly feel that, whatever I do, I will never be comparable to what Serena Williams has done in our sport and above all to the number of times she has done it done and succeeded.

Of course I hope that once I retire, I would like people to mention my name in conversations with the best tennis players on the circuit in history. I hope to continue like this and do better and better

I know that I have set great goals for myself and that there are still many things to do, but I don't want to limit myself to the things I want to achieve, I want to say that, when I stop, I will be able to proudly say that I have done everything I wanted to do," she told.

Gauff also talked about other topics and among these the relationship with the Williams sisters and also the Gaza strip, the young tennis player proved to be very mature and to work on everything.

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