Holger Rune's mother reveals why she will no longer follow her son

Aneke analyzed the reasons that led to this painful decision

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Holger Rune's mother reveals why she will no longer follow her son
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After saying goodbye to the two now former coaches Boris Becker and Severin Luthi, the young Dane Holger Rune will no longer be followed by his mother Aneke, who has officially left the role of manager.

Aneke herself explained what happened.

“Since Holger became a teenager, the plan was for me to gradually step aside when he could start handling more and more things on his own. And I think Holger has matured enormously. There is no longer any filter when he has to convey to the his team what he needs or what is important to him," she explained.

The second collaboration with Patrick Mouratoglou somehow relieves the 20-year-old's mother, who will now be able to step aside with less anxiety.

Patrick Mouratoglou
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"There was always an exit plan, but it was necessary for us to be in a place where I could see Holger himself taking the leaf out of his mouth and conveying what he needed. And now he is very clear about what he wants and what he doesn't want," she said.

To then conclude by trusting that she could have left a long time ago, but it was not possible: "The reason why I didn't retire already last year is that everything became a little more chaotic than expected."

It is therefore a revolution for Rune. These are eventful weeks for the Danish tennis player, who for a few weeks now has started a real revolution.

Holger Rune
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Aneke will no longer follow her son Holger

Only a few days ago the young Danish tennis player declared that from now on his mother will not follow him to every tournament.

"It's a bit of a coincidence. He will be in some tournaments and not in others. We often talk on the phone and talk before and after the matches. She's an important part of my team and I love having her by my side. I feel her absence 100%.

Of course, it's a different thing. But again… it's obviously different, but I think for some tournaments it's healthy for them to happen together and for others it's not. So that's it. It was a mutual decision," explained Rune.

Holger Rune