Ferrero warns Alcaraz about the rival to beat: it's not Djokovic or Sinner

The coach of the young Spanish champion believes that Alexander Zverev is one of the rivals that Carlitos must beat

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Ferrero warns Alcaraz about the rival to beat: it's not Djokovic or Sinner
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Juan Carlos Ferrero, coach of the young champion Carlos Alcaraz, warned his player about his rivalries. The Spanish coach believes that not only Novak Djokovic and Jannik Sinner are the opponents to beat. In fact, Ferrero believes that there is also Alexander Zverev among the rivals to beat, for the young Alcaraz.

The German beat Carlitos in five challenges out of eight matches played. The last victory came in the quarterfinals of the 2024 Australian Open. A defeat that hurt the Spaniard a lot and created a heated debate on his way of playing on the court.

In fact, Alcaraz looked for complicated plays in important moments, proving that he didn't always have clear ideas.

"Alcaraz has lost several times against Zverev, a rival to always take into consideration. But, in general, all the top 10 can make things difficult for him. All rivals deserve the utmost respect. It is clear that Djokovic and Sinner are the ones who express consistently their best level," explained Ferrero in an interview with MARCA.

Alexander Zverev
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The young Spaniard's coach also analyzed his player's management of break points.

"Maybe he needs to make better decisions in those moments and learn to manage opportunities better. This is one of the objectives, but it is something he will learn. He is calm from this point of view. It is a temporary thing and we don't give too much importance to it," he told.

Djokovic, Alcaraz and Sinner are currently the three favorites for the final victory in any tournament. However, there are some rivals who in certain circumstances are able to represent a great obstacle for the three tennis players mentioned above. And it's not just Zverev, as Ferrero mentioned. In fact, in my opinion, a tennis player like Daniil Medvedev must always be taken into consideration when the most important events of the season are played.

Ferrero, the shield of Carlos Alcaraz

Ferrero also expressed his point of view on the rivalry between Alcaraz and Sinner, explaining how it is not that simple to manage.

"Sinner is an example of professionalism in many ways. He is a player who has achieved his goals in the last two years. They have made the improvements they thought they needed to make. He has invested time in expanding his repertoire and working on a tactical level.

He uses more drop shots and his serve has also improved a lot. Is it good for tennis that two rivals get along? Yes. On many occasions it is not easy, because we are talking about your biggest rival.

The more you play against him, the more you suffer defeats that can hurt you. We are talking about a relationship that is not easy to manage. The two of them have a super healthy and great relationship. When Sinner won his first Masters 1000, we all knew he was close to his first Slam and winning it will have given him a lot of confidence," said the Spanish coach in the same interview granted to MARCA.

Jannik Sinner and Carlos Alcaraz
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A few weeks ago, in an interview with La Nation, Ferrero also spoke about Novak Djokovic.

"Novak has adapted just like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal did. The world continues to move non-stop and people have to adapt. I have great admiration and respect for him. When you spend time with him you notice the desire in him, the reason why he is in perfect shape to continue competing, the way he takes care of himself and trains, that motivation he still shows. I like to analyze players to give examples to Carlos: Novak, of course, has always been part of this group.

I didn't have to show him too much about Rafa, because he always paid a lot of attention to him. Roger, Novak and Rafa have always pushed each other. Now Nole is the one pushing Carlos and Jannik Sinner to the limit. When Novak won the ATP Finals expressing that level, I said to Carlos: Did you see? Now what we have to do is train like animals to reach his level. Jannik will do it too, so we have to do it as best we can. In other words, Djokovic represents a motivation," Ferrero said.

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