Andy Murray gives new sensational updates on his retirement

The Scottish champion has made it clear that he does not intend to play much beyond this summer

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Andy Murray gives new sensational updates on his retirement
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Andy Murray came back to talk about his retirement, during a recent interview with Gazzetta dello Sport.

A topic that has returned to the foreground right now, at the beginning of the 2024 season. The British tennis player has somewhat confirmed the recent statements regarding the possibility of not playing other tournaments after the summer.

A sensation that also emerged in the interview. "I probably won't continue after the summer. They ask me after every game, so I won't talk about this topic anymore until the time comes to stop. But I don't intend to play much after this summer," Murray explained during the interview.

The hypothesis that the Scotsman might leave after the London Slam tournament has naturally taken hold.

"Obviously it's a tournament that means a lot to me. But I'd like to take the court once again at the Roland Garros too," said the Scot.

More generally, Murray focused on how much impact the change of surface could have on facing the Olympics: "It will certainly be a complicated change to manage, especially for those who have reached the end of Wimbledon. And then, after the Olympics, there will be immediate action again with the tour to the United States of America," he added.

The 36-year-old will try to win the third gold medal of his extraordinary career, after the triumphs in editions of 2012 in London and 2016 in Rio de Janeiro.

Andy Murray
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Murray and his mother attack the media about the last questions on Andy's retirement

The 3-time Slam champion had previously released interesting words on the eve of the ATP 250 in Doha. The Scotsman criticized the treatment he received from journalists after his latest uninspiring results.

"It's been a difficult period, but I will continue to play. I don't have to do what the journalists or the fans say. I have the necessary ranking to play important tournaments, I have earned it, and my desire is to keep trying. I know I can play a lot better than I did this year," Murray said.

The British tennis player then said he was confident of being able to get out of this difficult period. "This is a new situation for me and I see it as a good opportunity to learn important lessons and continue to improve. I am convinced that I will overcome it and that I will be stronger than before in doing so.

I still really enjoy everything about the circuit and have not lost the desire to continue racing. In life there are times when things aren't going well and you have to be strong to try to change the dynamic. That's what I'm going to try to do," he added.

For Murray, returning to the playing fields after the ordeal due to hip injuries and the long absence from the Tour was already a victory. Thanks to his great determination and his dispassionate love for tennis. In 2023 the British tennis player also managed to go further, reaching the 38th position in the ranking. Today the situation seems decidedly more complicated, and winning even just one match has become a titanic undertaking for Murray.

Andy Murray
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Not only. Murray did not appreciate yet another question about his retirement in the press conference after the severe defeat against Ugo Humbert at the ATP 500 tournament in Dubai. The Scotsman, shaken at the end of a match in which he never really saw him in the game, revealed that he will probably leave tennis this summer.

"I probably won't play beyond this summer. I get the same question after every single game, I'm fed up. I won't talk about it anymore between now and when the time comes to stop," Murray said.

Posting the video of the conference on her account, Judy, Andy's mother, defended her son by making some things clear.

"Every single press conference they ask him the same question. When he started competing on the ATP Tour it was: When are you going to win Wimbledon? Every single time. Let him enjoy whatever time is left of his career. He is the world number 50 with a metal hip, a split kneecap and four children," she explained.

Andy Murray