Coco Gauff opens up about her boyfriend: "He's a very nice guy!"

The young American tennis player also talked about her sisters Venus and Serena Williams, in her long interview for Vogue

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Coco Gauff opens up about her boyfriend: "He's a very nice guy!"
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Coco Gauff is the protagonist of Vogue cover for the month of April. The young American tennis player, winner of the 2023 US Open, shared some photos from the photo shoot for Vogue on her Instagram profile, also receiving compliments from Roger Federer (Read here).

But some details have also emerged relating to the interview for Vogue, in which Coco talks about her boyfriend and the legendary sisters Venus and Serena Williams. "Playing against Serena at Wimbledon, I don't know, I feel like she would have messed up my story, I wasn't ready for Serena at that moment.

In the perfect world I could have played against both of them, but Serena withdrew and I played Venus twice. In my perfect world I would play Venus once and Serena once," she said about Venus and Serena.

Coco Gauff© Matthew Stockman / Staff Getty Images Sport

Coco also opened up about her private life, sharing some information about her boyfriend.

"He's a very nice guy. He goes to school now. He's going to apply to a music school. He wants to be an actor and plays guitar. He's not from Delray. He's actually from Atlanta. Some people thought he was someone in tennis and that couldn't be further from the truth.

I'll say this: People on Twitter found this two or three days ago. I won't reply to confirm if it's him or not, but they caught me in the comments, so they know," she told.

Coco's priorities

On the eve of the WTA 1000 in Doha, Coco talked about other important topics relating to her private life in the press conference before the tournament.

she explained how tennis is important to her, but how at the same time, there are aspects that come before tennis, in her life. "For me it's very important as a tennis player to talk about real problems in real life. Tennis is in third or fourth place, I have other priorities.

I put God first, then family and friends and then tennis and the community around us in general. These things come before tennis and it is important to comment on everything that happens to give a voice to those who have none.

Everyone has their own struggles in this world, depending on their race or background. We hope these things help us connect and help us understand why we are different from everyone else. When I see the crowd here (in Doah - ed.) I feel that they connect with me and always welcome me. I'm young and even when I'm in Europe I feel great, the same goes for Australia too," she analyzed.

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