Carlos Alcaraz's honest confession: "I won't lie: I am inspired by Roger Federer"

The young Spaniard explained how his idol is Nadal, but how he is inspired by Federer

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Carlos Alcaraz's honest confession: "I won't lie: I am inspired by Roger Federer"
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He had spoken of a loss of confidence, on the eve of the 4th round match against Fabian Maroszan, but after beating the Hungarian tennis player in Indian Wells, Carlos Alcaraz talked about the opposite argument. he said how his confidence grows more every day.

The Spaniard managed to take revenge, beating his rival 6-3 with a double, thanks to a fairly solid performance. Carlitos will face Alexander Zverev in the quarter-finals, a tennis player who beat him at the Australian Open.

Alcaraz spoke at the press conference after the victory, and the theme of his words concerned the issue of trust.

"It was an almost perfect match, then it's obvious that I can always improve and do better. However, I'm happy with the way I approach the match, I'm happy with the way I played and with my sensations. I think I moved well and played with the right timing, my confidence is increasing and I'm happy to have played the important points well.

The perfect match? Well, let's say no mistakes and only winners! Obviously I'm joking, but maybe making the fewest mistakes and having a high percentage of firsts, I think that could be the perfect match," he analyzed.

Carlos Alcaraz
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Carlitos also talked about the new video game that sees him as the protagonist.

"Well, I played a lot of video games in my childhood and it's still the same now, it's fun and let's say I can't wait to play with my character. Ninth consecutive victory here in Indian Wells? I think the conditions here suit my game well, I feel good on the pitch and I feel good even when I'm not playing. In the end it is important for the tennis player to stay relaxed, here I relax playing golf. I love playing on these courts and I find great motivation in this tournament," he told.

Alcaraz then spoke about the relationship with social media, revealing its use, for better or worse.

"There are several tennis players who receive a great impact from this, even receiving bad comments and remain influenced by all this. I just try not to think about it and obviously I don't see all the comments. There are things we can't deal with and we're not in a position to control them, I just try to deal with them as best I can," he said.

Alcaraz expressed on Federer and Nadal

Speaking to Tennis Channel, Carlitos also talked about Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, explaining how Rafa is his idol but how he wants to play like Roger.

"I've said it many times, my game is more similar to Roger's and I would like to play like him.  I would like to play against him, at least once, but yes, I hope to do it. My idol is Rafael Nadal, but I want to say that I really want to play like Roger Federer, I won't lie. His style and his elegance on the court are something extraordinary," he told

Talking about Indian Wells, Carlitos said: "For the last three years I have played very good tennis here. Yes, I think Indian Wells Masters has given me extra motivation and more confidence. The conditions here suit my game very well.

I feel really comfortable on this court, in this tournament. I feel really good off the court too. It's really important that the players feel relaxed, feel calm off the court. Turn off your mind a bit, don't think about tennis the 100% of the time."

Federer was present in San Francisco these days for the presentation of the 2025 Laver Cup which will be played at the Chase Center.

The Swiss Maestro visited the team and went to watch the Golden State Warriors game. And there was a real standing ovation for him with applause on every occasion in which the big screen cameras framed him.

The 20-time Grand Slam champion met the team, spoke with star Stephen Curry and coach Steve Kerr and even shot some baskets before attending the game against the San Antonio Spurs.

Federer also took advantage of the opportunity to talk about the Laver Cup which will be played from 19 to 21 September 2025

"There are a lot of tennis fans in this area. I'm convinced that San Francisco is a great sports city, especially because of what the Golden State Warriors have done," explained Roger.

The Swiss also followed the ceremony of the Academy Awards 2024. below some of the most amazing pics of his outfit:

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