Stan Wawrinka rips the Premier Tour: "They are crazy"

The Swiss tennis player is against a possible evolution of the Tour in this direction

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Stan Wawrinka rips the Premier Tour: "They are crazy"
© Buda Mendes / Staff Getty Images Sport

An eventual Premier Tour is an idea that Stan Wawrinka really doesn't like.

Interviewed by l'Equipe, the Swiss champion bitterly opposed this possible change in the Tour, which would lead to a very deep internal rift, involving tennis players and tournaments.

"Their proposal is to have more power and make the ATP and the WTA disappear. They want to keep the ATP Masters 1000 and eliminate the ATP 500 and ATP 250. Why doesn't anyone think they are crazy? There is nothing in this project good for everyone, but only for them. They don't have any transparency on their accounts and they don't work on the vision of the future of tennis, they don't want to work in the direction of the players and young people, but to make their pie bigger," explained Wawrinka.

For some time now, the possibility has been floating around that in the not too near future, the Tour could undergo a radical change. The Premier Tour would include a limited number of annual tournaments in a sort of schedule reserved only for elite and upper-class tennis players. The rest of the men's and women's Tour would obviously see the already limited number of economic resources available shrink.

Furthermore, to make this happen, the ATP and WTA should merge into a single association. A hypothesis also aired by rumors that Saudi Arabia wants to buy the women's and men's Tour (read our article about it here).

Stan Wwrinka
Stan Wwrinka© Buda Mendes / Staff Getty Images Sport

Wawrinak tries to keep his dream alive

Wawrinka is living the final chapter of his splendid career. The three-time slam champion has another big dream, the Olympics.

"Of course I want to try to play this year. It has always been a special event since the first time I played in Beijing, one of my best memories on Tour.

As for doubles or mixed doubles, I don't know yet, we need to see which players want to play, who can make the doubles team. There are still a few months to go. For now I'm focused on what's happening, trying to win matches and play good tournaments," he explained.

Stan Wawrinka