Tsitsipas shares with brutal honesty who are the best tennis players in the world

The Greek champion revealed how Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner are currently the best in the world: "I have to understand how to beat them"

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Tsitsipas shares with brutal honesty who are the best tennis players in the world
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Novak Djokovic's start to the season was not exciting, after the spectacular glories of 2023. And so in 2024 Jannik Sinner is emerging as the best at the moment, in the wake of truly extraordinary performances. With him, Carlos Alcaraz is resurrected, after 8 months of blackout.

Are the young Italian and Spanish tennis players the best in the world currently? Stefanos Tsitsipas believes so. Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner have in fact taken that decisive step forward that many tennis players of the so-called middle generation have failed to achieve.

"Beating Alcaraz is the great challenge of the moment for any tennis player. He is the best player in the world, along with Sinner. Both are doing incredible things and I have to try to discover their secrets to elevate my tennis and be able to beat them. I feel like training with him makes me a better tennis player, it was special to see his quick legs, his defensive ability and the power of his shots," told Tsitsipas told Tennis TV after training in Miami with Alcaraz.

"Top 10? It's true that it may seem like just a number, but in tennis, being a top 10 is a symbol of an important status. So I consider it an important and significant thing in a tennis player's career. Honestly, I think I'll get back to the top and find the way to stay there for a long time like I did in the past," he explained.

Stefanis Tsitsipas
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Tsitsipas out of the Top-10 after 259 weeks

After 259 weeks, on February 19th, Stefanos Tsitsipas left the top 10. A factor that should not be underestimated may have played a decisive role in the evident drop in performance of the Greek tennis player.

Excluding Daniil Medvedev from this discussion, players like Tsitsipas, Andrey Rublev, Alexander Zverev (all players born between 1996 and 1998) have fallen short of expectations in Grand Slam tournaments. Alcaraz and Sinner, however, also found their dimension in the four Majors. The Spaniard has already won two, the Italian won the first at the 2024 Australian Open.

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