Jannik Sinner enthusiastic about Miami court: "It's fast, I like it a lot"

The Italian obtained access to the 3rd round of the Miami Open and, at the press conference, analyzed the conditions of the courts and the weather

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Jannik Sinner enthusiastic about Miami court: "It's fast, I like it a lot"
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After the defeat in the semi-final of the BNP Paribas Open against Carlos Alcaraz, the Italian star Jannik Sinner began his journey at the Miami Open 2024 with a match spread over two days due to the pouring rain that hit Florida in recent days.

However, the winner of the Australian Open started the tournament on the Hard Rock Stadium in the best way, beating his countryman Andrea Vavassori in straight sets 6-3 6-4.

At the press conference, Sinner analyzed the match against Vavassori, also explaining the difficult weather conditions in Miami.

"It's difficult to play the first rounds here, coming from Indian Wells the conditions are decidedly different. Today in a few hours we had rain, sun, then there was a lot of humidity. Obviously we are prepared, but the body needs time to adapt. I really like the court because it's faster," he explained.

Jannik Sinner
Jannik Sinner© Brennan Asplen / Stringer Getty Images Sport

Jannik Sinner: "I was mentally prepared"

Regarding the match, Sinner explained the difficulties of playing a match spread over two days.

"For a first match of the tournament it went well. Yesterday we knew there was a risk of not finishing the match, I was mentally prepared. However, the day was long, then when they gave us the OK to leave I no longer thought about the tennis. It's important not to always think about it. Today I was very careful, I did what had to be done and I felt better than yesterday. It was a very positive performance, I can be happy," he told.

Jannik then analyzed how he manages to detach himself from tennis to recover between one tournament and another, between one match and another.

"I eat with my team, we go for nice walks and as soon as I arrived in Miami I took the opportunity to go to the beach, something I had never done in the past. I try to do new things and I like it, obviously the performance on the pitch is the thing main, that's why I'm here. We play tennis every day so sometimes doing different things related to sport is good," said Sinner.

Regarding Maimi 3rd round match against Tallion Griekspoor, an opponent the Italian has already defeated three times indoors, Sinner explained: "It will be the first time outdoors, the ball bounces more, I will have to be careful because he plays well and serves equally well. And "He's an aggressive player and knows how to do everything very well. I'll have to be careful, but I like these challenges, they're the matches that show me where I'm at," he analyzed.

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