Murray's honest confession: "Service is essential, compared to when I was young"

The British champion is playing at the Miami Open and has explained what is the weapon that allows him to move forward

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Murray's honest confession: "Service is essential, compared to when I was young"
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"The serve is essential to continue. When I was much younger and therefore could move better on the court, I had the tools to win the majority of points from the baseline thanks to my physical condition.

I won matches even though I didn't serve well. Let's say that it was easier for me to get out of those troubles even though I didn't have the service. Nowadays people hit the ball really hard, everyone serves really well and plays very aggressive tennis."

This is the thought of Andy Murray, who, in a press conference after the two consecutive victories at the Miami Open, analyzed what is the essential weapon that a tennis player must have to move forward, especially when he reaches the age of the Briton himself.

Andy Murray
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Murray is playing a good tennis in Miami

With two excellent consecutive victories, Murray started his adventure in the Miami Open on the right foot and gained access to the third round. At the press conference, the Briton analyzed his performance in the match against Tomas Martin Etcheverry, which he managed to tame with the final score of 7-6, 6-3.

"It was a good match, I had lost clearly to him at the Australian Open, so I couldn't wait to get on the court and try to get my revenge. I think there was a good atmosphere out there, we showed a good level of tennis. It's great news to have won in straight sets. Both with Berrettini and with him I served really well.

When I really needed the joke, he was there and it's incredible. I also used my backhand very well. Other than that, I wouldn't highlight anything else in particular. I think it was a good performance overall," he explainbed.

Andy is now in his 995th match: "I've been on the Tour for many years since it all began, I still remember my first matches at 18, I'll be 37 in May. It's definitely been an impressive career. The whole journey has been incredible, I feel tremendously lucky to have competed at the highest level for so long," he said.

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