Dimitrov crowns Alcaraz: "I want to challenge the best in the world"

The Bulgarian will face the Spaniard in the quarterfinals of the Miami Open

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Dimitrov crowns Alcaraz: "I want to challenge the best in the world"
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"I can't wait to play against Carlos Alcaraz. Everyone wants to challenge the best in the world and it's clear that he is playing exceptional tennis, but so am I. I've been very consistent in many aspects.

I think if I take care of my game a little it could be very interesting. I'm excited because this is the type of games I want to play. It's the first time I've been here in the quarterfinals, so I think this gives me an extra boost."

In view of the next match against Alcaraz, Grigor Dimitrov, current ATP No.12, declared that he is confident and ready to face the Spanish champion.

Dimitrov, after an endless battle that lasted almost three hours against Hubert Hurkacz in the round of 16 of the ATP Master 1000 in Miami, qualified for the quarterfinals of the Florida tournament for the first time in his career.

The 32-year-old Bulgarian returned to express his best tennis in 2023. A tennis that had taken him to third place in the world ranking in 2017. Having reached the top 15, this season the Bulgarian's results have only confirmed his his growth, winning his first title after six years in Brisbane against Holger Rune and reaching the final at the ATP 250 in Marseille and the semi-final in Rotterdam.

Grigor Dimitrov and Carlos Alcaraz
Grigor Dimitrov and Carlos Alcaraz© Lintao Zhang / Staff Getty Images Sport

Dimitrov challenges Alcaraz

With a record of 18 wins and 4 losses, Dimitrov has proven to be one of the fittest tennis players this year.

After beating Hurkacz and earning a place in the top eight of the American tournament for the first time in his career, the Bulgarian declared:

"Finally. This tournament was like kryptonite for me. With Hurkacz it was a tough battle. Hubi is a great guy. Above all, I am happy that I managed to stay in the game and achieved a good result. He is such a tough competitor and so intelligent on the court. I think physically we both attacked each other very hard, but it was a good match to play."

Dimitrov is one step away from the Top 10, which he hasn't entered since 2018. To continue his ride, however, the obstacle will be the most difficult: Carlos Alcaraz, against whom the Bulgarian has a score of 1 victory and 3 defeats.

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