Andy Roddick reveals who will coach Novak Djokovic

The former US tennis player analyzed the end of the partnership between Nole and Garona Ivanisevic

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Andy Roddick reveals who will coach Novak Djokovic
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The announcement of separation between the ATP No.1 Novak Djokovic and his coach Goran Ivanisevic was like an unexpected earthquake: no one expected it, considering how much the two have won together.

Nole and Goran began their partnership almost 10 years ago and, together, they have rewritten the history of tennis. Under Ivanisevic's guidance, Djokovic has perhaps reached the highest peaks of his glorious career.

Speaking with Tennis Channel, the former US tennis player Andy Roddick revealed that Novak Djokovic could choose his new coach between Marian Vajda and Boris Becker.

The two have already been Djokovic's coaches in the past and now Nole is considering a return to the past. With Vajda first and Becker after, Nole built one of the most important tennis reign ever. Nothing official yet but these rumors are certainly incredible and would be sensational for the world of tennis.

The relationship between Djokovic and Ivanisevic will always continue to be good but in tennis there are times when you feel the need for change.

"Goran and I stopped working together a few days ago. Our chemistry on the court has had its ups and downs but our friendship has always remained strong. Thank you so much for everything my friend," said Djokovic, greeting his now former coach.

After a 2024 that has so far been stingy with positive results, Nole has decided to change. He is ready to restart to relaunch his ambitions and try to keep up with the two new young stars of the ATP Tour, Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner.

Novak Djokovic and Goran Ivanisevic
Novak Djokovic and Goran Ivanisevic© Matthew Stockman / Staff Getty Images Sport

The semi-final against the Italian tennis player lost in Melbourne was probably the exact point where something broke in the extraordinary pairing of Djokovic-Ivanisevic.

"I still don't have a clear idea of who the new coach will be, nor if there will be one. I've had coaches since I was a kid, now I try to feel for myself what I need, what I feel most comfortable with I'm comfortable. You will be notified if someone joins the team," revealed Nole.

Carlos Gomez Herrera currently remains in the Serbian's team as sparring partner and agent, Marco Panichi as athletic trainer, physiotherapists Miljan Amanovic and Claudio Zimaglia, as well as business manager Mark Maden.

The end of the partnership between Djokovic and Ivanisevic

The Croatian media reached Djokovic in Belgrade, where he is preparing the clay season together with Nenad Zimonjic, to delve deeper into the matter.

The Serbian was very friendly, but he did not want to provide further details.

"I can't comment right now. I'm sorry I can't tell you what you want to know, but thank you for coming. You can stay here, but Goran and I have stopped our collaboration. You've seen the place on social media. Goran is a member of the family and will be always a friend. We simply separated professionally. We achieved historic results: we are the coach and the player who have won the most," he explained.

Nole had made the split with Ivanisevic official a few days earlier through an Instagram post.

"I remember clearly the moment I invited Goran to be part of my team. It was back in 2018, and Marian and I were looking to innovate and bring some serve magic to our duo. In fact, not only we brought serve, but also lots of laughter, fun, year end no1 rankings, record breaking achievements and 12 more Grand Slams (and a few finals) to the count since then.Did I mention a bit of drama too?

Goran and I decided to stop working together a few days ago. Our on court chemistry had its ups and downs, but our friendship was always rock solid. In fact, I am proud to say (not sure he is) that apart from winning tournaments together, we also had a side battle in Parchisi going on… for many years. And - that tournament never stops for us," worth the Serbian champion.

Some rumors also spoke of a furious argument between Djokovic and Ivanisevic, which then led to their farewell. According to some sources, the real breakup occurred after Djokovic's training at Indian Wells resulting in an argument.

The Croatian coach's fury would have sparked an argument and ended with the end of their partnership. It must be said that angry reactions even on the pitch towards one's own box, in fact, were no longer new during the Serbian's matches. For example, at the Australian Open Djokovic shouted at his box: "I'll fire you all!"

According to other rumors, another reason that would have led to the separation would be the 2024 schedule which for Djokovic means the hunt for Olympic gold in Paris. According to rumors (objectively unlikely), the Serbian wanted to skip Wimbledon: a choice not shared by Ivanisevic

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