Sinner reveals the secret behind his friendship with Alcaraz: "We are similar"

The Italian, winner of the Miami Open, will now focus on his clay-swing, but in the meantime he spoke about his friendship with his Spanish rival

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Sinner reveals the secret behind his friendship with Alcaraz: "We are similar"
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Take him, a young tennis player with enormous potential: in the last year this young tennis player becomes a man, a champion capable of giving his fans immense satisfaction: Jannik Sinner is all of this.

The Italian is experiencing a moment in which his young career has exploded thanks to his incredible performances but, at the same time, he always shows his usual seriousness and humility, thinking mainly about how to improve himself day after day.

Jannik gave an interview to the Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport, analyzing how he has become an idol for many young people who will try to emulate him and will approach tennis for the first time.

"I'm pleased, it's also a responsibility to know that the younger ones take me as a point of reference. If I can be a little idol for the new generations, I'm happy. Do you know what I really want to do? A nice drive on the streets of Munich. When I'm in the car I relax, reflect and unwind. I'll just get behind the wheel," he told.

Jannik has overtaken his friend Carlos Alcaraz in the ATP world ranking and, during the interview, he talked about the friendship he has had with the Spaniard.

"We respect each other a lot, we get along because we are similar, simple people who deeply love what they do. On the pitch, however, on the other side of the net both he and I see an opponent," he explained.

Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner
Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner© Matthew Stockman / Staff Getty Images Sport

In a few days it will be time to take to the court for the first tournament on clay.

"We proceed step by step. The terrain is always particular, last year I wasn't in good condition but this year I get there in a completely different way. I'm curious to see how it goes. The main objective is Roland Garros and of course Rome, a special tournament where I will be able to feel the warmth of the fans even more," he said.

Sinner's new record

Jannik confirmed the odds by beating Grigor Dimitrov in the final in Miami, winning his second ATP Masters 1000 title.

The Italian's season so far is absolutely sensational. Out of 4 tournaments he took part in, he won 3: the Australian Open, Rotterdam and the Miami Open. A moment, the one Jannik is experiencing, which starts from much further away, when last August he won in Toronto.

From there he began his journey which led him to reach the 2nd position in the ATP world ranking. A historic moment for Italian tennis, which had never achieved a similar goal.

Thanks to the success achieved in Miami, Sinner achieved another important personal milestone: $20 million in career prize money earned. The victory of his second ATP Masters 1000 earned him the considerable haul of $1 million, which was added to the treasure already earned in his career.

Sinner thus becomes the first Italian of the Open era to earn only prize money. Behind him is Fabio Fognini ($18 million), whose most important success was in Monte-Carlo in 2019. At $11 million there is Matteo Berrettini.

Jannik Sinner
Jannik Sinner© Brennan Asplen / Stringer Getty Images Sport

"It certainly means a lot to me. Although it is more important to think about the great performances in the semi-final and final. Being number 2 is a fantastic feeling. I never thought I'd get to this point. I come from a very normal family. My father is still working, as is my mother. For me sport is one thing and life is another. I am very happy to be in this position. I'm just enjoying every moment," Sinner said at the Miami press conference.

Darren Cahill, Sinner's coach, in addition to praising the work ethic and great mentality of the young Italian, expressed an interesting consideration regarding a comparison with Novak Djokvoic.

"I think it's impossible to compare him to players of the past, not even to Djokovic who is still active. I don't think we will ever see dominance like that of Novak, Federer and Nadal again. What the three of them have done is impressive, they have pushed the envelope and taken this sport to a higher level of professionalism. What today's players do is a direct consequence of what the three of them sowed.

From the attention to detail, the attention in researching the teams, the care of the mental part, of the athletic part... all done with obsessive attention, down to the smallest details. The new generation is doing well but I find it unfair to compare Jannik or Alcaraz or Rune with the older generation.  They need time and, even if the level is high, they still have to win a lot to deserve such a comparison.

Jannik is a great guy and it's a pleasure to work with him. At the moment he is playing with great confidence, the level expressed in recent days has been fantastic but I am sure that he can do even better.

His evolution is still ongoing, with time he will become even stronger, faster, wiser and smarter. He'll get even better, I'm sure, but let's enjoy the moment, he's playing at a stellar level and he's deserving of everything that's happening to him,” he told.

"He knows well that he is privileged. He plays a sport that he loves and does it at the highest level, he appreciates every aspect of life. The thing I appreciate very much about him is that he keeps his feet firmly on the ground, he knows that this is just a sport.

He is also a very normal 22 year old guy who loves his life. There are many beautiful things about him, and many equally beautiful things about Carlos. In some ways they are similar and for this reason tennis is in good hands now," told Cahill.

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