Sinner's coach shares a strong prediction: "Jannik will make his dreams come true"

Darren Cahill praised his player, predicting a wonderful future for the young Italian

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Sinner's coach shares a strong prediction: "Jannik will make his dreams come true"
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In a long interview granted to Sky Sport, Darren Cahill explained why his player Jannik Sinner made the right decision when he chose to include him in his team. The Australian coach believe Jannik will make his dream come true.

"I know that fans and journalists focus on the ranking, but we have never talked about it. For me, the ranking reflects the work that takes place every day. Jannik is young, he is 22 years old.

I have faith that he will be able to achieve all his goals and to make all his dreams come true. To tell the truth, this already happened at the Australian Open, but I think he can still improve a lot, day after day and this will allow him to experience even more beautiful moments," said Cahill.

The professional relationship between Sinner and the former expert coach of Simona Halep represents something unique thanks to the way of doing things of both, which enhance the best skills of the other. The impression is that Jannik has chosen the best super coach possible for his career. Together with Simone Vagnozzi, the Australian coach had the merit of knowing how to strike the right chords. Sinner's improvements, as well as the incredible results achieved on the field, are evident.

The title won at the ATP Masters 1000 in Miami allowed Jannik to become the only Italian in the history of tennis to reach 2nd position in the ATP world ranking. The goal, however, is to become the next ATP No.1 already this season

Jannik Sinner
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Cahill then focused on Sinner's personality: the same one he shows both on and off the court.

"I can assure you that the Sinner that you journalists see is the same guy even in private: he doesn't pretend to be a different person from who he really is. He's a really good guy. On the court, if something funny happens, he smiles even when he is in trouble.

He loves his job. The boy you see coincides with the person he really is. But I assure you that every now and then he shows his age. At Indian Wells he spent days and days sitting on the couch screaming while playing the PlayStation," he explained

Sinner reveals: "My head is already on clay"

At the Miami Open, Sinner won the 3rd title of his amazing season so far. On the third attempt, Jannik won the ATP Masters 1000 in Florida, which is in addition to the Australian Open at the ATP 500 in Rotterdam.

An exponential growth that comes from the work he puts in every day on the training pitches and in the gym and then brings to the matches. At the end of the match won against Grigor Dimitrov, the Italian number one took part in the awards ceremony, where he was able to raise the much-needed goal.

At the end of the Miami final won against Dimitrov, Sinner was interviewed by former legend Martina Navratilova, saying he was already projected onto the clays-swing.

"It was a really special weekend for me. I found myself faced with various situations on the pitch, with very different opponents between the semi-final and final. I think I handled the situation well. I spent maximum energy," he told.

Jannik Sinner
Jannik Sinner© Getty Images Sport - Elsa

Sinner can only talk about the new great goal achieved at the same time as winning the title, the ATP No.1 spot: .

"I'm very happy to reach her, but it's just a number. For me the most important thing is to be able to execute my race plan and train to do this. Since the end of last year I have been very consistent. The way I train is making me strong and I'm in the high zones. But now comes a new chapter. The season on land usually brings me more difficulties.

Let's see how it goes. But I get there with a lot of confidence. I will have little time to adapt because I will only be training from Friday and I hope to be ready. We must quickly forget the past. If you start thinking about what you won, it won't help you. I'm focused and I hope to stay there again," he explained.

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