Carlos Alcaraz reveals his real goal: "I pursue the Big 3 milestones"

The Spaniard revealed how he wants to pursue the Big 3's records

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Carlos Alcaraz reveals his real goal: "I pursue the Big 3 milestones"
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Carlos Alcaraz's real goal will be to try to beat the records set over the years by the Big 3, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

The Spaniard received the National Sports Award from King Philip VI and, in the special press conference, revealed the objectives he cares about most.

"We all know the rivalries that Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal had. We know that all three have improved thanks to these rivalries. What they have done is something out of the ordinary. I have always said that my goal is to try to reach them, try to reach those numbers, because you have to dream big. Numbers that are still very, very far away for me," he told.

Alcaraz will definitely have to deal with another big star in the coming years: Jannik Sinner. The Italian has now entered that dimension that belongs only to the best. The two have already captured the attention of the public and in the eight direct clashes played in the major circuit recorded a balanced 4-4.

"I hope I can have a good rivalry like theirs with Jannik Sinner. I know I can improve based on him and that he always manages to push me to give 100%. In the next ten years I hope to have this kind of rivalry with him," he explained.

Rafael Nadal
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Alcaraz on the defeat against Dimitrov at the Miami Open

 Alcaraz's Sunshine Double dream vanished at the Miami Open, shattered by a super performance from Grigor Dimitrov. The Bulgarian commanded the match by playing aggressive tennis.

"I think he played fantastic tennis, almost perfect, if I can use that term. I have not been able to find solutions. I couldn't find a way to make him feel uncomfortable on the court. He played a great game. I think I played good tennis.

I left the court thinking that I should have changed my game earlier, but I still feel like I played good tennis. I'm very frustrated right now, because he made me feel like I was a 13 year old boy!  It was crazy, I was talking to my team and saying: I don't know what I have to do," told Alcaraz tat the press conference, complimenting Dimitrov for his exceptional performance.

"Today I played better than in the match in Shanghai. In China I made a lot of mistakes. But I think he also played much better. I need a few days to analyze everything, but we don't have time. The season has just started and there are many tournaments. I have to train and I can't wait to play the next tournament," he added.

Alcaraz was unable to contain his rival's aggression and found himself down 4-6, 1-4 in less than an hour without fully understanding how to try to contain his opponent. The Spaniard's reaction came at the right time, because he showed his pride in him in the sixth and seventh games and subsequently equalized the score, taking it to 4-4.

Dimitrov, however, did not let himself be influenced by the great wasted opportunity and found the break for the knockout in the tenth game.

Carlos Alcaraz