Jannik Sinner reveals why he chose tennis and not skiing: the fate that arrives

The Italian revealed what led him to this fundamental choice, which changed his professional life

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Jannik Sinner reveals why he chose tennis and not skiing: the fate that arrives
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“I was winning a lot in skiing when I was younger; which wasn't the case in tennis. Then, slowly, I started losing in skiing. Physically I wasn't ready to compete. I've always been pretty skinny. Tennis seems more forgiving. The reason why I chose tennis is that you can make mistakes. You can lose a lot of points but win the match. In skiing, however, you can't win if you make a serious mistake."

Jannik Sinner, as a young man, achieved important results in skiing but, in the end, opted for tennis. A choice that proved essential for his professional life, considering the incredible feats he accomplished at just 22 years old.

Sinner has become the first Italian able to reach the 2nd position in the ATP world ranking and his goal will certainly be to overtake the current world No.1 Novak Djokovic, now 1015th in the rankings, and to become the first Italian in the history to become ATP World No.1

Jannik Sinner
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For Sinner, however, it was not easy to leave his family when he was just a boy to dedicate himself to tennis and move to Bordigera to train at Riccardo Piatti's Piatti Tennis Center.

"Obviously I missed my parents and my friends. I just tried to move forward: overnight I was changing my life," said Sinner in an interview with Vogue.

Jannik made another complicated decision when he ended his sporting collaboration with Piatti and revolutionized his team.

"I wanted to throw myself into the fire and try a different method," he explained.

Jannik will try to get something good also on clay-courts, starting from Monte Carlo

"My first important result at Slam level came on clay, at the Roland Garros 2020. So it's not that I can't play well on clay. The fact is that I feel less comfortable than on hard court. I'm coming from a beginning extraordinary year, I won a lot and went beyond expectations. But now we start again. For me Monte-Carlo is a kind of competitive training. I just hope it lasts more than one match!"

These were the first words released by Sinner at the media day on the eve of the Monte Carlo Rolex Masters.

The Italian recalled how the result in Paris in which he pushed himself to the quarter-finals at a very young age and only surrendered to Rafael Nadal.

Jannik Sinner
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Sinner talked at the press conference about his goals and feelings after the first days of training, surprising fans a little with the statements he made. Although he reached a semi-final last year in Monaco, Jannik kept his expectations very low for this event.

"The goal for me is to be ready for the Roland Garros and then the Olympics. The games are certainly a special achievement for me, it's on my top list. They are played every four years, I skipped the previous ones and now I want to present myself at my best in France," he explained.

"When I'm not around tournaments I live here in Monte Carlo, where I find my privacy and many players to train with.
The tournament here at the Country Club is fantastic, there are a lot of Italians and a year ago it went well, even if the rest of the year on clay didn't go exactly as I wanted,"
he told.

Also Carlitos Alcaraz, on the eve of the Monte Carlo Rolex Masters, talked about Sinner and the rivalry he has with the young Italian

"I only played against Jannik once on clay and he beat me, so I don't know what to expect. He is an incredible player on all surfaces, grass, hard or clay.

He adapts his tennis very, very well. Every time we play each other, regardless of the surface, we play great tennis, a great match, so I don't know if clay benefits me or not. It's something that doesn't matter, I can't wait to play against him, we'll see if in this tournament," explained the young Spanish star.

Jannik Sinner