Alex De Minaur sends a heartbreaking message to Rafael Nadal

The Australian tennis player tlaked at the press conference about the Spanish champion, after beating him in the first round in Barcelona

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Alex De Minaur sends a heartbreaking message to Rafael Nadal
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"As soon as I saw the draw, I was aware that I would have the chance to play against him and that, if it happened, it would be a unique, very special match, not at all comparable to the ones we have had in the past.

In the past I would have cared a little more about how I wanted to play tactically or what I wanted to do well. I'm very happy with how I handled the situation. Obviously, like the whole tennis world, I'm sad because no one wants Rafa to stop playing tennis."

Alex De Minaur talked about Rafael Nadal at the press conference following the first round match won against the legendary Spaniard at the ATP 500 in Barcelona.

Rafael Nadal
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De Mianur praises Rafael Nadal

De Minaur triumphed in two sets but shared beautiful words for the 12-time Barcelona Open champion.

"The feel of the ball hasn't changed. Rafa has some strength in his shots and still has many winning shots, we saw this in several places. Maybe what costs him a little more is movement, it's normal after a long time without playing.

On clay it takes longer to win. The weight of the ball however remains the same, it has not changed. Like every tennis player, especially of my generation, the values that Rafa had on the court were the ideals that they tell you to copy from an early age.

The attitude he has in every match, the mental strength, the determination, is something we have seen everyone and the plan is to stay as close to him as possible, which is never easy in my life and in my career, as well as in the world of tennis," said De Minar.

Rafael Nadal
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Before Nadal, Alex had played the quarter-finals against Novak Djokovic in Monte Carlo.

"It's not that easy but I see them as opportunities thanks to the level of tennis I'm playing this year. I managed to get a victory that I never thought I would get against Rafa on clay, that's something I'll be able to say when I finish my career," he told.

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