Boris Becker shares a bold comparison with Jannik Sinner

The former German tennis player praised the young Italian, comparing him to himself as a young man

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Boris Becker shares a bold comparison with Jannik Sinner
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"I love Jannik Sinner. The 'redheads' understand each other well, when I see him play I see myself as a young man. I love his mental attitude, whether he wins or loses, it doesn't change."

Boris Becker, during the Laureus World Sport Awards in Madrid, praised the young Italian Jannik Sinner, comparing him to himself as a young player and making a funny example about their red hair.

The former ATP No.1 and former Novak Djokovic's coach revealed that the Italian reminds him of himself for several reasons, one above all, his attitude on the court.

Jannik Sinner
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Becker in fact highlighted the mental strength that allows Sinner to face difficult moments in matches without ever losing sight of the goal.

Novak Djokovic will miss the Mutua Madrid Open and Sinner will be number one seed in an ATP Masters 1000 event for the first time in his career.

"For the first time he will be number one in Madrid, after Djokovic's withdrawal. He and Alcaraz are very different. With Sinner I speak in German, we have known each other for many years and I am really a big fan of his," said the German

Jannik Sinner
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The 6-time Slam champion then focused on the differences between Sinner and Carlos Alcaraz.

"I think Alcaraz is more spectacular, he is a great striker, perhaps he is more charming and manages to reach the public more, but Jannik usually wins the last point with his attitude and his way of being on the court. He has much more power than last year, he is incredible and knows how to play until the end and has an innate sense of competition," he told.

Sinner next ATP No.1? The scenarios

Sinner will undoubtedly be one of the protagonists of the ATP Masters 1000 in Madrid. Being seed no.1, Jannik could possibly only face his rival Carlos Alcaraz in the final.

Sinner has reiterated several times that he considers the Madrid tournament almost like training, as his priority is to do well in the subsequent tournaments, namely the Italian Internationals in Rome and the Roland Garros.

At the moment Sinner is 1330 points behind Djokovic: a gap that could narrow, perhaps significantly in the next few days.

Both Djokovic and Sinner did not play in Madrid last year. Nole won't do it this year either while Jannik has a great opportunity. A victory in the tournament would bring Sinner to within 400 points of Djokovic while a semi-final would still bring him to within 1000 points.

In Madrid he can't do it, but Sinner can become ATP No.1 between Rome and Paris. In Rome, Jannik defends last year's round of 16, Djokovic instead defends the quarter-finals, but the Italian must win or at least reach the final in Rome and hope for some missteps from Djokovic.

The overtaking could happen in Paris, where Djokovic is the reigning champion while Sinner last year disappointed expectations and only exited in the second round. Sinner could even anticipate. Sinner new ATP No.1 is now a matter of months or sensationally even weeks?

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