Navratilova can't wait to watch Alcaraz vs Sinner's rivalry grow

The legendary 9-time Wimbledon winner praised the two young tennis players

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Navratilova can't wait to watch Alcaraz vs Sinner's rivalry grow
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Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner are leading tennis towards the new post-Big 3 era. The Spaniard and the Italian have started a rivalry that has inflamed fans and thrilled many tennis personalities.

Martina Navratilova talked about Jannik Sinner at the Laureus World Sport Awards in Madrid. The legendary US tennis player of Czech origin highlighted the rivalry that the Italian shares with Carlitos.

Navratilova is convinced that Sinner will continue to achieve incredible results because her work ethic is what distinguishes great champions.

“Jannik is incredible. He is proof of how work allows you to improve and play at the highest level. Really working on his game is how he has progressed over the last year, trusting the process of working on every aspect, improving every smallest detail will get the results, but it's not about the results, those will come if you do the job the right way, but these guys, and girls too, bring out the best in comparison with each other, and that's it.

This is where the fun begins in a way. I look forward to the next ten years and the duels between Alcaraz, Sinner and some others who will come between the two of them, and the same goes for the women. I think rivalries are necessary in tennis and it's starting to form between both women and men," she explained.

Jannik Sinner
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Sinner's words

In an interview given to Gazzetta dello Sport, Sinner confirmed how he continues to feel with other very important athletes, to whom he has been compared and compared in the last period following the exploits he has accomplished.

"I'm quite the curious guy. I think we can all learn something from each other. For example, I have loved motors and F1 since I was a child. Seeing up close the attention to detail, the manufacturing process, hearing the sound of those engines moved me.

The other teaching from my parents is to take everything with a smile. Victories and defeats. They sometimes came home after a long day at work and smiled, so I do. Or at least I try, at the end of the day I'm a lucky guy," he told.

"The fact that children see me as an example, a little idol to imitate, makes me happy. They don't count how many titles you've won, if they like you it's because you can convey something to them. I myself had idols as a child and to be somehow taken as a point of reference is a reward.

Responsibilities don't scare me. I started taking them when I left home at 13, it wasn't easy. Sometimes I missed home, I called but my parents were busy working or they told me that after all I was making a sacrifice for something I loved and therefore I shouldn't be sad," he added.

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