Fans crazy for Roddick's bold prediction on Rafael Nadal!

The US former tennis champion has indicated Nadal as one of the favorites at the Roland Garros

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Fans crazy for Roddick's bold prediction on Rafael Nadal!
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During the latest episode of his podcast Serve with Andy Roddick, the former US champion talked about Rafael Nadal. Roddick focused especially on the Roland Garros, analyzing how, if Rafa were to manage to play a few matches, he would become one of the contenders for the final victory of the Parisian Slam.

A prediction that drove the Spaniard's fans crazy. "I just hope that Rafa no longer suffers from any kind of serious physical problem from now on, because a recurrence of an injury could end his career," said Roddick.

The American, thus supporting the words recently expressed by Stefanos Tsitsipas, has placed Nadal among the favorites for the Parisian Slam.

"I still feel that if Nadal can play some matches without major discomfort and acquire some competitive rhythm in these tournaments, he will be one of the favorites for the title at Roland Garros," he analyzed

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Roddick then focused on a not insignificant aspect, which naturally also concerns other tennis players.

"There is a problem for him that is rarely talked about, which is that he will not start among the unseeded teams. This can make his task very difficult, given that he could face any of the best in the first round, even Novak Djokovic for example.

I'm also sure none of them would want to face him at the start of the competition. Just his name commands a lot of respect, he's someone who has won there 14 times," he told. There are obviously doubts and unknowns about the result that Rafael Nadal can achieve at the Roland Garros 2024, in all likelihood the last Parisian Slam of his career as a professional player.

Rafa is trying to conclude his legendary career in the tournaments in which he wrote the history of tennis, in a very difficult year, made even more complicated by the injuries that have seriously affected him. Rafa played at the ATP 500 in Barcelona, winning the first round against Flavio Cobolli and was subsequently eliminated in the second round by Alex De Minaur.

"I played with the handbrake on," said Rafa at the press conference, confirming the impressions he had from professionals and fans.

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Rafa reveals his physical condition after the elimination in Barcelona

Rafa talked about his condition after playing the ATP tournament in Barcelona, at the press conference.

"Analyzing this week the positive thing is that I was able to play once again in Barcelona, a week ago I didn't think this would happen and so it's positive. Furthermore, I finished this tournament without getting injured, I was very careful at all times and the negative thing is that I would have liked to play more and maybe win.

The reality is that I had to play with the handbrake on, there is no other choice and I had to accept all this. It's not easy, all of this goes in the opposite way to how I perceive sport but this is the only way I can act to have a chance in the coming weeks," he explained.

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Talking about the match he lost against Alex De Minaur, Rafa analyzed: "I played against a tennis player of the highest level and author of an excellent season so far.

After losing the first set the match was practically over. In the second set I had the chance to win a few games but I wasn't prepared for a battle of over two hours against a tennis player of this level. I had some chances in the first set but I felt the pressure, I knew that if I gave up that set it would be over.

Goals? My goal is to play the next tournaments and then day after day I will evaluate whether I can really play, not the results. Getting on the pitch and giving my best, that's my priority," he said Nadal's priority remains Roland Garro.

As mentioned, the Spanish tennis player played two matches in Barcelona and, after winning the first, he surrendered in two sets in the match against Alex De Minaur, in the second round.

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