Ex-Federer's coach warns Sinner and Alcaraz against Djokovic's competitiveness

The Serbian tennis player is going through a moment of great difficulty but now comes the moment when he can be more 'dangerous' for his opponents

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Ex-Federer's coach warns Sinner and Alcaraz against Djokovic's competitiveness
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In an interview with the Italian newspaper La Stampa, Ivan Ljubicic, the former coach of the Swiss tennis legend Roger Federer, talked about the new tennis era, focusing on Novak Djokovic, Jannik Sinner and Carlos Alcaraz.

Ljubicic warned the young Italian and the young Spaniard from Nole's competitiveness, warning them not to underestimate the Serbian champion. "We understood how Jannik works. He is not focused on a single goal but works on constant improvement.

Sinner will become number one because he is the strongest but he will not overturn his plans to do so. The level is always high, winning tournaments is not it's never simple. There is Novak Djokovic and he should never be considered a finished tennis player.

When he's on the ball, and I'm sure he will be from now on, he really remains a very difficult opponent to beat," he told.

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Talking about the comparison between the Olympics and the Slam, Federer's former coach wanted to make a clarification regarding the Olympic tournament which will be played this year in Paris, at the Stade Roland Garros.

"In my opinion, it matters a lot that the Olympics are in Paris. It wouldn't have been the same in Tokyo. Djokovic is focusing a lot on it because it's the only thing he hasn't won and it must be said that there are many reasons.

I think they will have the same value as the 2012 Olympics at Wimbledon," he analyzed.

Djokovic will focus on Roland Garros, Wimbledona and the Olympics

Djokovic is one of the greatest tennis players in the history of tennis and is certainly the most successful.

His numbers grow week after week, starting from the record of weeks at the top of the ATP ranking up to the question of victories, with the Serbian who is hungrier than ever. Nole, in this 2024 he has suffered several important defeats and in a few days he will start the Italian Internationals with zero titles won unreasonably.

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The reality is that the Serbian tennis player's main objectives are still just around the corner, naturally the other Slam tournaments such as Roland Garros and Wimbledon and above all the Paris Olympics, the great objective of the ATP No.1, the only title still missing from his glorious collection.

Not oly Ljubicic in fact: also Goran Ivanisevic himself during a recent interview spoke of an almost obsession with commenting on Djokovic's goals and the Olympics goal.