Carlos Alcaraz reveals the secret that helped him get back in form in Paris

The Spanish tennis player qualified for the 2nd round of the Parisian tournament and, in the press conference, analyzed what helped him regain physical shape in these Parisian days

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Carlos Alcaraz reveals the secret that helped him get back in form in Paris
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Carlos Alcaraz partly erased the uncertain feelings on the eve, beating JJ Wolf 6-1 6-2 6-1 in straight sets and qualifying for the 2nd round of the Roland Garros. The young Spaniard did it showing a good physical form, after the after-effects of his forearm injury.

"These victories help a lot. The level I showed today was very high in every sense: tennis-wise, physically, when I moved on the court. I played intelligent tennis. I hit some forehands at 100%, I'm making progress under this aspect, although it is true that there have been some cases in which I have been a little aware that tennis is like that, you don't have to concentrate to hit all the shots 100%, you have to lower the intensity and know how to move the ball, to I say this that I played intelligent tennis. That's why, after a match like today, my confidence increases, my expectations increase a little, which makes me think I can get a good result here," he told at the press conference, expressing his feelings on the match played and focusing on the analysis of his forehand in relation to the forearm problem.

Carlos Alcaraz & J.J. Wolf, Roland Garros 2024
Carlos Alcaraz & J.J. Wolf, Roland Garros 2024© Clive Brunskill / Staff - Getty Images Sport

The journalists in the press room then asked him if Rafael Nadal's presence in Paris frees him from a certain amount of media attention.

"I didn't think about it, I didn't feel that way. Obviously, Rafa being here in Paris, which is his tournament, the spotlight will be on him, but I didn't notice less pressure whether he was in the tournament or not. I'm trying to move forward day by day, gaining confidence, since I haven't been on the court for many hours, but little by little I'm gaining confidence and that's the only thing on my mind at the moment," he explained.

Carlos Alcaraz, Roland Garros 2024
Carlos Alcaraz, Roland Garros 2024© Clive Mason / Staff - Getty Images Sport

Despite having been out for 25 days due to the injury, the Spaniard already seemed very proactive on the court.

"I've already said that I'm a player who doesn't need many matches to get to 100%. As you all know, with four matches on clay I come here to a Grand Slam and I can play at a level like today. The training week also helps me a lot, to feel good and gain confidence. The days spent in Paris training with good players helped me a lot to realize the level I am at, the confidence I have and the level I can show," he analysed.

Already in the media day on the eve of the Parisian Slam, Alcaraz had shared the improvements since the injury, also expressing himself on Nadal and his rival Jannik Sinner.

"I feel better training after training. I can train and hit the ball without pain. It's a good start and I can't wait to play my first match at Roland Garros. This tournament is one of the main reasons why I train every day , so I want to improve as a player to win it. I arrive in Paris without playing the games I would have liked to play, but I don't think I need many to express my best level confidently."

Carlos Alcaraz, Roland Garros 2024
Carlos Alcaraz, Roland Garros 2024© Clive Brunskill / Staff - Getty Images Sport

"I know that this is a very special tournament for Rafael Nadal and it is a shame that this is his last participation. I want to enjoy his last tournament here and his tennis. Of course everything has an end. Would I have wanted to face Nadal in the first round? Honestly no! When I saw that there was a 50% chance of challenging him on his debut, I was grateful for how things went," said Alcaraz on his legendary countryman, before focusing on his main rivals in the second Slam of the season.

"I come from an injury and every opponent represents a threat for me. Jannik Sinner is having an incredible season. I wrote to him wishing him a speedy recovery in the last few weeks. It doesn't matter that he returned from an injury, because he always has the ability to play at a very high level and win the tournament. The same goes for Djokovic and Nadal, they are playing their best tennis, but we are talking about a Slam here," he explained.

Carlos Alcaraz