Pierre-Hugues Herbert told his son's heartbreaking suffering at hospital

The French tennis player, who is about to play the Roland Garros, opened up about the family situation surrounding his son

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Pierre-Hugues Herbert told his son's heartbreaking suffering at hospital
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"What comes to mind is the ordeal we experienced with our son Léandre, seriously ill and in good health since April 9. Playing on the Court Philippe-Chatrier after spending two weeks at the Necker hospital in Paris and a month at the hospital in Basel... it was a long journey. When my son was four months old he started having seizures. We thought they were simple seizures, but they were hypoglycemic seizures. He had a condition called hyperinsulinism, the opposite of diabetes have a lack of insulin production, my son had an overproduction of insulin, even when sugar levels were very low. The problem is that when repeated hypoglycemia occurs, the brain can be severely damaged."

Pierre-Hugues Herbert and his family experienced difficult months due to the illness that struck his son Léandre. The Frenchman wanted to tell his child's story in an emotional interview given to the newspaper L'Équipe.

Pierre-Hugues Herbert
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In the same interview he described Roland Garros as a reward after the ordeal. Herbert will have the chance to face Novak Djokovic, probably on Court Philippe-Chatrier, but in the meantime he has talked about how tough the last few months have been.

"Taking your son into the operating room is complicated. They removed what wasn't working well and told us that Léandre is cured. When he got sick, I was number 400 in the world. That terrible experience gave me a sort of survival instinct. I had no margin for error. My son helped me fight. It was impressive to see the strength he could have at less than 1 year old.
With my history and with all the battles I have faced, I see this Roland Garros as a reward, a celebration,"
he explained.

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