Elena Rybakina 'attacks' the Roland Garros media: "You always ask the same questions"

The Kazakh tennis player, at the press conference after the victory against Greet Minnen, made fun of the media who would always ask her the same questions

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Elena Rybakina 'attacks' the Roland Garros media: "You always ask the same questions"
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Elena Rybakina reached the 2nd round of the Roland Garros beating the Belgian Greet Minnen in straight sets, with the final score of 6-2 6-3. The next opponent on her path will be the Dutch Arantxa rus. At the press conference at the end of the match, Rybakina talked about some very interesting topics, such as the WTA 1000 new format for two weeks and also about her rivalry with Aryna Sabalenka. But the funniest moment of her press conference occurred when the Kazakh criticized the media present in the press room, underlining how she always receives the same questions, to which she no longer knows what to add.

Elena Rybakina
Elena Rybakina© Clive Brunskill / Staff Getty Images Sport

A journalist reminded Kazakh how in Madrid she said how tired she felt after those long tournaments, with the new WTA 1000 formats spread over two weeks.

"It's tiring sometimes, but I mean, now I'm happy to be back and keep playing. Then the goal for me is to win titles. That's what I want. That's what I'm aiming for," she explained.

Regarding her rivalry with Aryna Sabalenka, Elena told how she respects her opponent because what she does is not easy.

"I definitely respect her because everything we do, it's not easy. She's been at the top for a long time. I think if you can stick around as long as you can, that's a great thing. We met at 25K, I think, and I remember having missed that match, but these are the memories I have for now, but I'm friendly with everyone around," she told.

In conclusion, the Kazakh tennis player, visibly perplexed and perhaps a little irritated, criticized the journalists present in the press room who, according to Elena, would always ask her the same questions.

"The questions are quite the same, so I don't know what to say anymore. Simple questions, simple answers. So, guys, something else," she told, mocking the media in the press room.

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