Carlos Alcaraz's alarming words: “The conditions don't help my arm"

The Spanish tennis player qualified for the 3rd round of the Roland Garros, but in the press conference he explained how the playing conditions do not help his arm

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Carlos Alcaraz's alarming words: “The conditions don't help my arm"
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The 2nd round proved to be more challenging and insidious than one might have thought on the eve, for Carlos Alcaraz, who reached the 3rd round of the Roland Garros by beating the qualifier Jesper De Jong in four sets, with the final score of 6-3 6-4 2-6 6-2. At the press conference, Carlitos analyzed the match, explaining what were the most difficult moments of the match and highlighting how the playing conditions did not help his forearm.

"My arm is fine. The truth is that I haven't noticed anything about my arm, but obviously these types of conditions don't help at all. The humidity, the ball gets too big, it's hard to move it, it's hard to make winners, the points get longer and longer. Personally, I was a little scared about how my arm would go, how it would react, but everything went very well.
So I don't blame the ups and downs on my arm, but on me, there is no other way,"
analyzed the Spaniard.

Carlos Alcaraz
Carlos Alcaraz© Dan Istitene / Staff Getty Images Sport

Carlitos then talked about his mental conditions, taking as reference the recent words shared by Serbian champion Novak Djokovic about the issue.

"I wouldn't say I was distracted, but it took me a set or a set and a half to get back into the match. Djokovic has already said that in the end it's impossible to stay from the first to the last ball without a negative moment, without ups and downs.
But if this can only last one match, it's much better if it lasts a set and a half. So this is what we need to work on: that it doesn't last so long and that we can return as soon as possible. I don't think it's distraction, but lack of energy.
There are times in a Grand Slam where it's a little more difficult to have a high state of energy, so that's what we need to change,"
he told.

Carlos Alcaraz
Carlos Alcaraz© Clive Brunskill / Staff Getty Images Sport

Instead, analyzing in detail the 2nd round match against De Jong, the young Spaniard apprehensive: "The less time you spend on the pitch the better it is to feel good physically and recover better for the next round. But not having much pace, we try to look on the positive side. These moments of nervousness, of points, of sets played, I think they do me good to gain more rhythm. But I won't tell you if I'm more or less favored than yesterday.

There were many ups and downs in the match. I played excellent tennis in the first and second sets, I think, at a good level. Then it was difficult for me to be at a high intensity physically. I went down. He obviously played good tennis, with a rather high intensity, which didn't help me get into the match as quickly as possible. In the end it was a very bad third set from me. And in the fourth set, like I said, I fought. But the truth is that it was a match with a lot of ups and downs on my part," he explained.

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