Naomi Osaka's heartbreaking confession: "I cried after the match"

The Japanese analyzed the defeat in the 2nd round of Roland Garros against the WTA No.1, in what was one of the most exciting matches of the year

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Naomi Osaka's heartbreaking confession: "I cried after the match"
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Naomi Osaka must have felt a swing of emotions at the end of the fantastic, memorable 2nd round match of the Roland Garros against Iga Swiatek. The Japanese played an amazing challenge, coming within a whisker of victory, wasting a match point probably due to emotion.

Iga Swiatek and Naomi Osaka
Iga Swiatek and Naomi Osaka© Clive Brunskill / Staff Getty Images Sport

The Philippe Chatrier crowd was lucky enough to witness what is - at least so far - the most intense, exciting and entertaining match of the season.  Both at the press conference and in the on-court interview, Naomi analyzed the match and confessed her incredible emotions. She said that she felt like crying after the match, but now the Japanese girl can't wait to face the Pole on hard-courts.

"It was a very fun match, probably the most fun I've ever played, very memorable. It was my dream just to face her. I think I did quite well against her on her surface. I want to face her on hard courts, the I felt worse before, for sure. I cried after the match. I saw Iga win the Roland Garros last year while I was pregnant, so I can't be too hard on myself its best surface. I'm a tough court kid," she explained.

The Japanese player then explained how it is useless to enter the court fearing an opponent, telling anecdote about her match against Serena Williams at the US Open final.

"I think entering a match fearing someone is a bit useless. So yes, I don't necessarily think about damaging my opponent, but I'm more focused on what I think I can achieve. I still feel like I can accomplish a lot. I told people I was a little disappointed when I was coming back, but I think for me, I see my game as good against anyone. Also I was raised without having any fear.

Naomi Osaka
Naomi Osaka© Clive Brunskill / Staff Getty Images Sport

I think more about myself. Participating in this match, first of all, for me it's really fun. I feel like those are the moments I've been practicing for so long anyway. I was approaching it the same way I approached my match against Serena Williams the first time at the US Open. I just wanted to focus on myself and, whatever was happening off the court, I didn't try to focus on it," she analysed.

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