Amelie Mauresmo rips the Roland Garros crowd!

The tournament director said the crowd went overboard, mostly due to the alcohol

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Amelie Mauresmo rips the Roland Garros crowd!
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"The limit has been crossed, we must have respect for the tennis player and for the game. Insults, thrown objects and more, we will not accept any of this and I have given security clear instructions and there will be no more hesitations. I want to maintain enthusiasm around to the game and nothing more. How will I guarantee all this? I have passed several instructions to the chair umpires who must be really responsive and notice everything. I have personally called highly experienced umpires and told them what to do, if someone goes beyond the limits they will come kicked out."

In an interview with L'Equipe, the Roland Garros director Amelie Mauresmo talked about the problems that are occurring due to the disrespectful crowds which, according to the Frenchwoman, have really crossed the line. We are in the middle of the first week of the Roland Garros, a tournament characterized by surprises but above all by the problem of rain, with plans upset in Paris due to endless bad weather, and with several tennis players who complained about the attitude of the crowd.

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An example could be what happened in the match between David Goffin and Giovanni Mpetshi Perricard with an excessively supportive crowd which led to heavy accusations from the Belgian.

"Before it was allowed everywhere except in the players' boxes and in the VIP stands, now we have said enough. It will no longer be available anywhere," said Mauresmo.

The Frenchwoman's words came above all after the various controversies of some tennis players, starting from the women's world number one Iga Swiatek up to the Belgian David Goffin.

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