Corentin Moutet's honest admission: "I'm trying to change my image"

The French tennis player, eliminated in the 4th round of the Roland Garros by Jannik Sinner, analyzed his perception of himself as a tennis player and as a person

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Corentin Moutet's honest admission: "I'm trying to change my image"
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Corentin Moutet won the first set against Jannik Sinner by dominating his opponent, even coming close and giving the impression of being able to beat his rival. A fantastic performance, but it effectively ended after getting a break in the first game of the 2nd set. From there, Jannik raised the level of his tennis, first recovering the game from behind and then equalizing the set. Dominating and winning the 3rd and 4th sets which earned the young Italian qualification for the quarter-finals of Roland Garros. A high-level performance and a first set which demonstrated, however, that Moutet deserves a better ranking.

Corentin Moutet
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In the post-match press conference, the Frenchman talked about the match, analyzing not only the progress of the challenge, but also his image as a tennis player and as a person, of Jannik and the contribution of the Parisian crowd.

"There are many positive things to draw from. I'm happy to have changed my image during my tournament, or rather I don't know if I did but I think I succeeded in something. People only know us for what we do on the pitch and therefore they all have a particular image of me but the reality is that I work very hard to achieve my results. However, I'm happy, I've kept a positive attitude and I've received a lot of love from the crowd," he revealed.

Corentin Moutet and Jannik SInner
Corentin Moutet and Jannik SInner© Clive Brunskill / Staff Getty Images Sport

Analyzing the match against Sinner Moutet he continued: "It's difficult to explain but everything became more difficult after winning the first set. At the beginning I was very aggressive and I could attack, I was very concentrated and full of energy but later in the second set he it was much more aggressive. We were playing against on the Philippe Chatrier in the round of 16, he is number two in the world and the public is likely to be divided. There are people from all over the world who pay for a ticket to watch the tournament from the Round of 16, the atmosphere was incredible."

"There are many things that I take home from this experience. I want to remember everything that happened to me even if I can't be satisfied with this result, for great tennis players getting to the round of 16 is routine and therefore I have to see it this way, not I have to see it as a point of arrival. But I played great matches and won against excellent players, I resisted physically and played with a high level of concentration. I didn't receive any warnings in four games and this doesn't happen often!" told the Frenchman.

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