Sabalenka reveals the importance of her first Slam win: "You did the right thing"

The Belarusian tennis player qualified for the quarterfinals of the Roland Garros and, at the press conference, she analyzed the importance of her first Slam victory

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Sabalenka reveals the importance of her first Slam win: "You did the right thing"
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Aryna Sabalenka is also a sentence at the Roland Garros. Emma Navarro also understood this, eliminated in straight sets (2-6 3-6) by the Belarusian tennis player. Aryna is the only one who seems capable of countering the star power of Iga Swiatek on clay, the only credible opponent for the unstoppable WTA No.1. At the on-court interview, Alex Corretja asked the Belarusian what she will do after she leaves the field, asking for details in Big Brother style.

"Don't miss anything guys. I go to the gym. I do small exercises, treatments and if I'm lucky enough to go for a good dinner we go to dinner. It's so boring guys. I do a cool down. But the funniest thing happens here in front of you," she told.

Emma Navarro and Aryna Sabalenka
Emma Navarro and Aryna Sabalenka© Dan Istitene / Staff Getty Images Sportù

At the subsequent press conference, Sabalenka said she was sorry for Anastasia Potapova who lost 6-0 6-0 in 40 minutes against Iga Swiatek Swiatek

"I was watching that match actually, and I thought, oh, wow, this is just another level so intense, and I felt so sorry for Anastasia because it was just too good from LGA. I was holding myself back from thinking about trying to do the same, because you can get really crazy with that. I was like, okay, no, Aryna. Focus only on yourself. You don't have to do better than her. All right. It's just her world, like these bagels. This is about the LGA. Leave it to her. I will be nicer to my opponent!" explained Sabalenka.

Aryna Sabalenka
Aryna Sabalenka© Clive Brunskill / Staff Getty Images Sport

Sabalenka also revealed how winning her first Slam (in January 2023, victory against Elena Rybakina-ed.) changed her and changed her life

"After you win a Slam, you know that all your life you did the right thing. Everything you did, everything you struggled with, was for a reason. When you finally get there, to your goal, it really gives you so much confidence in yourself and so much belief that no matter what, no matter how difficult the situations you face in life, you know that you're going to get through it and that you're going to come back. at the top and that you will achieve your goals. That's actually a really good thing, because later on, when you struggle with something, whatever it is, you remind yourself, come on, you've been through a lot and you've gotten to your goal, this is just one more time, you'll find one way and you will get there. It's just a good thing to have to remind yourself how strong you are," she analyzed.

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