Jannik Sinner: 'My celebrations are different'

Jannik Sinner won the Australian Open earlier this year

by Simone Brugnoli
Jannik Sinner: 'My celebrations are different'
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We now know many sides of Jannik Sinner's character. But never before had we known his superstitious side, because yes, even the tennis player from San Candido has one. In an interview published on social media by the Instagram profile of Sky Sport Tennis, the world number two admitted to using some rituals during his matches.

"On the court, yes, I am, it's part of my routine, it's become a ritual. On the baseline I step over with my right foot", explained Jannik, but he's not the only one. "When I go to serve, in the first serve I make 7 rebounds, in the second 5.

It's part of my routine, whether I change it or not, but let's say I find my rhythm to play at my best then the point", he revealed. One of the h*ttest topics concerning the Italian is clearly the fight for the first position in the ranking with Novak Djokovic.

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Sinner on his different celebrations

The Serb needs at least one final in Paris to defend the top spot. On the subject, Jannik Sinner is glacial: "But I don't think about it.

At the moment I can't do anything other than play in the best way possible. I just have to think about my tennis, my opponents. If it were to happen, I would take it and I would be very happy". Richard Gasquet was particularly impressed by Jannik's performance, so much so that he praised him with these splendid words: "He is a tennis player who plays very quickly, he hits the backhand like Novak Djokovic but he also has a very fast forehand.

He also has a great serve, I am sure that - together with Carlos Alcaraz - they will be number 1 and number 2 for many years. He is a great ambassador for this sport and we are talking about a great person. He plays tennis really well and his timing is extraordinary.

He is a great player". Sinner won the Australian Open this year: “My celebrations are different. If I have a good week, I always eat a hamburger with french fries, one Coke and tiramisu or ice cream. In Melbourne, I had everything. That’s my guilty pleasure”.

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