Adriano Panatta warns Jannik Sinner

The former Italian tennis player warned Jannik Sinner

by Simone Brugnoli
Adriano Panatta warns Jannik Sinner
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Among the many distinguished figures from the tennis world who have dedicated a thought to Jannik Sinner - who from next Monday will be the new world number one - the editorial written by Adriano Panatta for the daily newspaper Il Corriere della Sera is particularly interesting.

The former Italian player first of all congratulated the South Tyrolean for the incredible milestone achieved in his words before what the ranking will say on June 10, but analyzed the aspects that - day after day - will build a castle of pressure to be able to handle.

Positioning oneself at the top of the rankings carries a load of emotions and suggestions that can put a strain on anyone. Panatta, however, is convinced that Sinner is ready to pass this test as well.

Jannik Sinner, Roland Garros 2024
Jannik Sinner, Roland Garros 2024© Clive Mason / Staff - Getty Images Sport

Adriano Panatta is a big fan of Jannik Sinner

Adriano Panatta opened up on Jannik Sinner’s current status: "Shooting hard on the lines, that's how you win in tennis. Jannik Sinner does it better than anyone at the moment. And that's why he became number one. He's the strongest.

Are there other ways to say it? He's not a leader by chance, he couldn't be. He won and beat everyone, several times. He has thirty-three victories, only two defeats, and one of the two came after a sensational referee error (in Monte Carlo).

These are champion numbers. Indeed, record numbers. There is no coincidence in this climb he faced to get up there", wrote Panatta. "I've said it several times in recent months. He plays like a number one, he'll become one soon, in some ways he already is...

You just had to watch him, the young Sinner. In fact, it was nice to follow him match after match, and see him grow, transform from a boy to a man, change his expressions, his ways of doing things, of facing his opponents and even of speaking in public.

There is no predestination in Sinner's new conquest. There is work, attention, preparation, and of course also sacrifice. There is a truly particular desire to do things well. It is the beginning of a second sporting life, which will present new difficulties and will have to be supported by new study and new sacrifices.

The number one is asked to win, and Sinner will be asked to do it from this Roland Garros. He is asked to stay up there for as long as possible. His earnings will increase, of course, but so will his responsibilities. He will have to become number one inside.”

Adriano Panatta Jannik Sinner