Boris Becker warns Jannik Sinner about the pitfalls he will now face

The former German tennis legend spoke out about the traps that the new ATP no.1 will have to face

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Boris Becker warns Jannik Sinner about the pitfalls he will now face
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Jannik Sinner
Jannik Sinner© Clive Mason / Staff Getty Images Sport

With great power comes many responsibilities but also many troubles and pitfalls. No, I'm talking about Spider-Man, but Boris Becker's summary regarding Jannik Sinner's near future could be condensed into this famous phrase from our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!

The former German tennis legend gave an interview to the Italian media Gazzetta dello Sport, reflecting on the change of leadership in the men's ranking as well as the dangers that the young Italian will now face.

"I'm sorry for Novak Djokovic for his withdrawal but I'm also a big fan of Jannik Sinner, I've been constantly following him closely for at least two years. I know him very well and the ATP No.1 is not a surprise to me at all. Jannik has a strong mentality and learns quickly like all great champions. Jannik achieved a nice milestone, but let's avoid making comparisons; to stay there, in this exclusive club, you have to be really special. A bit like other Italian champions of other sports. His life was turned upside down with the victory in the Davis Cup and the Australian Open, he had already made history there.

Now he has to learn something since he is number 1; everyone will want a piece of Sinner. Becoming number 1 is difficult but maintaining it is even more difficult. From now on he will have to be perfect, from his mentality to his physical condition. Djokovic? Sinner's real rival, given his age, is Carlos Alcaraz. Sinner is a normal boy like everyone else, it's the fault of social media that amplifies everything," said the German legend.

Sinner is officially the 29th tennis player to reach first position in the ATP ranking, the first in the history of Italian tennis. A sudden climb, after constant growth, with the explosion towards the end of 2023: from that moment on he has never stopped.

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