John Fitzgerald: 'I've got a feeling it's Alexander Zverev's time

John Fitzgerald is tipping Alexander Zverev to win his first Grand Slam title

by Simone Brugnoli
John Fitzgerald: 'I've got a feeling it's Alexander Zverev's time
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The legal case involving Alexander Zverev in the dock for domestic violence charges against his latest ex-girlfriend Brenda Patea has - in all likelihood - reached its happy ending.

After several closed-door hearings, the Tiergarten district court reconvened on Friday in the presence of the public and journalists, with several updates on the case that were immediately reported by the German press.

Alexander Zverev, Roland Garros 2024
Alexander Zverev, Roland Garros 2024© Dan Istitene / Staff - Getty Images Sport

The trial was started at the end of May after the sanction order imposed in October 2023 on the world number 4 (a fine of 450 thousand euros, or 492,700 dollars), who however contested the measure and appealed.

During the discussion, the complaint by the woman emerged, who recounted how in a heated argument in May 2020 she was pushed against a wall and suffocated with both hands by Sascha. An episode that had been revealed months ago in an interview then removed under pressure from the German player's lawyers for "exceeding the permitted limits with respect to suspicious reports". In a recent interview, Australian tennis great John Fitzgerald opened up on Alexander Zverev’s matchup vs. Carlos Alcaraz in the French Open final.

John Fitzgerald on the French Open final

"I've got a feeling it's Alexander Zverev's time," John Fitzgerald told Stan Sport's Grand Slam Daily. "I think it's his destiny to win one. I really do," Fitzgerald said.

"I think he's too good a player not to, and it'd be a shame if he didn't, being this good. But he needs to do it quicker than his opposition does. When his (Alcaraz's) game's on song, he's almost unbeatable.”

Alexander Zverev
Alexander Zverev © Getty Images Sport - Dan Istitene

Zverev thinks back to the 2020 U.S. Open final lost to Thiem by a whisker and to leaving the court in a wheelchair in the famous 2022 semifinal in Paris in which he had to retire with Rafa Nadal: “These are all important milestones in my journey.

I'm in the finals now, but I haven't won yet. I just want to play my best tennis and give myself the best chance. If I can do that and manage to lift the trophy, it will mean a lot to me.”

Alexander Zverev