Simone Vagnozzi reveals Jannik Sinner's turning point

Jannik Sinner's coach confident for the coming months

by Simone Brugnoli
Simone Vagnozzi reveals Jannik Sinner's turning point
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Simone Vagnozzi, coach of Jannik Sinner, spoke on Super Tennis's “Tennis Talk” program. Of course, the central theme of the whole conversation was Jannik Sinner. From the Slam victory in Australia to the current situation and prospects for the grass season.

Vagnozzi told an anecdote about him on the Melbourne final: “When he lost the second set I saw that he sat on the bench and his face was very different, he gave us a positive nod and so I if I'm not mistaken told the physio that we were going to win.

Jannik Sinner, Roland Garros 2024
Jannik Sinner, Roland Garros 2024© Dan Istitene / Staff - Getty Images Sport

I usually make few predictions, when I make them I don't take them but that time it went well." On working with Jannik Sinner: “My wife,” Vagnozzi says, “is very passionate about tennis, she watches everything, I find everything recorded, about the matches, what Jannik could do and what others do how they move on certain balls, how they serve in certain situations, there is always learning.”

Simone Vagnozzi talks about Jannik Sinner 

Simone Vagnozzi was asked what was Jannik Sinner's turning point: "There wasn't a specific turning point in Jannik's career but they were small steps. There are more moments. If I have to pick some I'd mention Beijing 2023, he arrived, he hadn't been well because of the fever, he passed the first rounds with difficulty then he beat Alcaraz and Medvedev in the final doing serve and volley.

Medvedev has been our goal since we started working. That result was possible however with other moments that came before with the 1000 in Canada won, his first Slam semifinal at Wimbledon.

Jannik Sinner, Roland Garros 2024
Jannik Sinner, Roland Garros 2024© Clive Brunskill / Staff - Getty Images Sport

He arrived with that confidence. It gave him that push, then beating Alcaraz and Medvedev was a great injection of confidence".

Grass season outlook: “He will play in Halle and he does so to try to get familiar with the surface.

The first rounds at Wimbledon,” Vagnozzi explains, ”are complicated with the grass still nice and fresh and green. We have to arrive ready to move as best we can. Jannik as the rounds go by I think he can play better, his serve has improved, his confidence at the net.”

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