Simone Vagnozzi reflects on Jannik Sinner's Wimbledon chances

Jannik Sinner to play Halle and Wimbledon after becoming No. 1

by Simone Brugnoli
Simone Vagnozzi reflects on Jannik Sinner's Wimbledon chances
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Before becoming the new number one, Jannik Sinner was one of those children who today gave him a memorable welcome in Sesto Pusteria to celebrate the great achievement. The South Tyrolean knows very well the feelings that a boy feels when he starts playing a sport and imagines, one day, being able to show off on the most important stages.

Many children today dream of a career as a professional tennis player thanks to the genuineness with which Sinner transported everyone into his world; a world made of important choices and incredible feats. Even after his success at the Australian Open, the 22-year-old had thanked his parents for allowing him to follow his passion.

Jannik Sinner
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Back in his hometown, Sinner looked those children in the eyes to leave them an important message.

"I believe that if you choose something and are happy to do it, you have already won.

We often make choices that are different from those we like because our family prevents us from doing so. Then the result can be what it is, there is no limit to wanting to become number one rather than number one hundred", Sinner declared in the words reported by the newspaper Il Corriere dello Sport.

"It also makes me happy to be able to help these young kids that I will meet later to nurture the dream that I also had, that of becoming number one in the world".

Jannik Sinner to play Halle and Wimbledon

In a long interview with SuperTennis, Simone Vagnozzi opened up on Jannik Sinner’s current status: "He will play in Halle and he is doing it to try to get familiar with the surface.

The first rounds at Wimbledon,” Vagnozzi explains, ”are complicated with the grass still nice and fresh and green. We have to arrive ready to move as best we can. Jannik as the rounds go by I think he can play better, his serve has improved, his confidence at the net also.

There will be no special effects but he has to continue on the current path. We have to be good at putting the right ingredients, the right sauce but not too much sauce." Sinner's possible rivals in the future? “Joao Fonseca,” Vagnozzi closes, “is a very good prospect, Jannik trained with him in Turin at the Masters.

He has very good shots. Mensik is another very good prospect, he moves well and before long we will find him in the upper parts of the rankings."

Jannik Sinner Wimbledon